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Lee Scratch Perry Laid To Rest in Jamaica

09/27/2021 by Reggaeville

Lee Scratch Perry Laid To Rest in Jamaica

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry who died on August 29 was laid to rest last thursday (September 23, 2021) on a family plot in Cauldwell, Hanover. Earlier that day a brief viewing took place at Perry’s Funeral Home, where Hon. Olivia "Babsy" Grange (Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport) bid farewell to Rainford Hugh Perry aka Lee Scratch Perry [watch a video here].

Perry's wife Mireille Perry shared the following on social media the day after the funeral:
"When Lee's spirit left his body at the entrance of our home in Negril, Jamaica, I was sure that he will be with us forever and this transition is not the end!
I promised myself to continue to share his spiritual message in form of music, art and creation of a paradise that was and still is Lee's Vision. £$P PARADISE COMMUNITY,
A vision I will share with the world."

She also shared some of her speech, which she held at the burial:
"To start off, I want to say something very important: We didn’t gather here to say goodbye to this extraordinary spirit we knew as Lee Scratch Perry, Beloved husband, father,friend... We gather here to pay respect to his life on earth and to the vehicle he used, in order to be able to exist in this realm. It was impossible to accept that he suddenly disappeared out of our lives, but I know that his spirit is still right here with me.....

.... We had such a wonderful life together since he wrote “SOS Sagittarius” on his bedroom wall many years ago, and I came......

.....We went through so many adventures and magical moments that he always said “write a book” and I always answered “when the time comes”.
I could not even dream that this time would come that fast because now I have a feeling t’s the right time.

Watch the funeral video reports below for more!

Steve Weinstein from Jah Freedom Recording Studio in Negril, Jamaica and friend of Lee & Mireille Perry spoke at the funeral, too and shared a wonderful tribute on his Facebook page:
"Today I was honored and saddened to participate in the funeral of Lee Scratch Perry. It took place on his family burial plot in Cauldwell Hanover. The service was attended mainly by invited friends and family members and a few members of the press and people who are close friends of his wife and some of his supporters. The weather was mystically cooperative for the service. It was raining and pouring prior to everyone’s arrival for the service. As everyone arrived at the location the rain stopped and the sun came out as if not a drop had fallen. The service lasted about an hour plus. The pastor made a very auspicious speech and kept his part short and appropriate. Olivia Babsy Grange, the minister of culture wrote a beautifully though out speech which was delivered in her absence by the member of Parliament for Hanover Parish. Lee’s wife Mirella delivered and emotional speech/tribute. Her love for Lee and the life they spent together came though beautifully and poignantly in her words and her emotions. 

I was surprised and honored by her to be handed the microphone to deliver my own words. I talked about how I had the opportunity to work with Lee on many occasions and how we became family friends and socialized, went to parties and concerts, and ate many excellent meals together over the 20 years I had the amazing pleasure and honor to become a close friend. I will miss Lee Scratch Perry but my life has been enriched by his mentorship and friendship. I will always feel that having the opportunity to know him was a gift I received from the most high. As the service was completed and just as everyone was leaving the sky turned dark again and tye rain continued as though it never stopped. Lee’s name is Rainford Lee Perry. He showed us he is still Rain-ford. Lee Perry’s passing reminds me of how many amazing talented musicians and reggae artists that have passed over the 20 years since I moved to Jamaica. I am blessed to have become a music associate, and producer, arranger and especially a personal friend to so many angels of the reggae music fraternity. I know when my time comes I am going to promote the biggest and best reggae concert ever for the Most High. What an amazing array of talent I will have to choose from. Thanks so much Mire and Lee for including me in your very special life.


Watch below the news coverage about the funeral by the Jamaica Gleaner & PBC Jamaica: