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Lee Scratch Perry as Toy Figurine


Lee Scratch Perry as Toy Figurine

This summmer the one and only Lee 'Scratch' Perry will be available as toy figurine.

No idea what a figurine is? Wikipedia explains it like this:
"A figurine is a statuette that represents a human, deity or animal. Figurines may be realistic or iconic, depending on the skill and intention of the creator."

Presspop Inc., a company from Japan, will make it available as a limited edition of 1000 copies. For only 4,500 Japanese Yen (≈$55) you get Lee Perry as little doll for your home or car!

It comes with a cloth hat, gold bracelets and gold necklace with star charm. And if you think right now, this is an awesome collector's item.. a must have! we have some more details about it, which will make you order at least five dolls immediately: figurine Perry has adjustable arms and head and is styled with wild hair and shows and rings.. simply amazing, isn't it?

And last but not least, the doll helds a lighter in his hand plus a microphone....

We are sure the 1000 copies will be sold out very soon. So make sure to get your own piece of Perry from PRESSPOP.com

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