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Review & Photos: Ky-Mani Marley & Gramps Morgan in Los Angeles, CA 7/21/2011

07/24/2011 by Jan Salzman

Review & Photos: Ky-Mani Marley & Gramps Morgan in Los Angeles, CA 7/21/2011

Ky-Mani Marley & Gramps Morgan in Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy 7/21/2011



This was a much anticipated show; two fantastic reggae artists performing in an intimate setting. The Roxy had a sell-out this night and I was a lucky attendee! I started the night ready for shooting the show at the front of the stage. Gramps Morgan came onstage blazing his deep rich voice to the song All Together, from his wonderful solo CD “Two Sides of My Heart”, his stage demeanor was powerful. Gramp’s football player frame moved and grooved both sides of the stage equally including the whole audience.

Some other songs he performed from his solo CD were: Hold On (which shows his R & B side), the very sexy song Come Back to Bed (written by John Mayer) and he closed his set with Wash the Tears, an uplifting spiritual song. I LOVE Gramps Morgan both as an individual artist and also in collaboration with his siblings in the great reggae group Morgan Heritage. Ky-Mani’s band backed both Gramps and Ky-mani and they did a magnificent job driving the riddim .

Ky-Mani bounded onstage like a tornado; his locks flying, dancing and spinning. Ky-Mani’s gravelly voice pounded out the songs with electric energy. Ky-Mani moved very fast as he performed so it was lots of exercise for us photographers. One of his opening songs was Ghetto Soldier and that’s how he was dressed, too! He did a number of songs from his most recent CD Radio including: Hustler, One Time and The March. This muscular son of the late Bob Marley has his own unique style which is a cross over between hip-hop and reggae.

Some of his dad’s songs that he sang were: No Woman No Cry, and he closed his set with Is This Love (which was a new addition to his usual set). Ky-Mani brought Gramps back onstage for his encore, which was Get Up Stand Up and Redemption Song, which left the crowd with a spiritual vibe to carry onward.

I drove to my gig listening to Gramps and drove home listening to Ky-Mani. I always like to keep the vibe going in my head. Thanks Ky-Mani and Gramps for a memorable and special night!


WATCH Ky-Mani and Gramps performing Get Up Stand Up: