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King Mas - Crown

King Mas - Crown


Release date: 02/14/2019


01. Round & Round feat. Djali Fily Cissokho
02. Minstrel Interlude
03. Queen feat. Zosia McGregor
04. Crown
05. Body Language
06. Di Sumn feat. D Major
07. Da Da Da (Anything)
08. No Lie feat. K'reema
09. Crush
10. Pretty Eyes feat. Mitymaose
11. Flat Earth
12. Militant Step feat Green Lion Crew
13. Ota Benga Smile
14. Sorcery 
15. Definition Of A King feat. Randy Valentine, Jahdan Blakkamoor, Hymphatic Thabs, & Kabaka Pyramid
16. Definition Of A Dub feat. Wadadah II
17. King And Queen Dub Same Time feat. Wadadah II

Featured artists

D-Major / K'reema / Randy Valentine / Jahdan Blakkamoore / Kabaka Pyramid


With Kora and Griot, Crown immerses us in African Royalty from the first notes. The third studio album of Boston-born artist King Mas is the first full-length release by his label Bantu Nation Movement, a collective he describes as consisting of "cre ...

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