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Mellow Mood - Mañana

Mellow Mood - Mañana

DIGITAL RELEASE [Ineffable Records, La Tempesta Dub]

Release date: 08/19/2022


01. Dub Jah Bless
02. My Bed feat. Konshens
03. Mr. Global feat. Kabaka Pyramid
04. I and I Chant feat. Emeterians
05. Paris Rock feat. Million Stylez
06. Starting Mañana feat. Sr. Wilson'
07. Laser Sight
08. Sweet Like Honey
'09. Promise
10. Blessings On Me
11. Make It Better feat. Iya Terra 
12. In My Town
13. I and I Chant feat. Anthony B, Alborosie & Emeterians (Remix)

Featured artists

Konshens / Kabaka Pyramid / Emeterians / Million Stylez / Iya Terra / Anthony B / Alborosie


From festival stages straight to your stereo: Mellow Mood have not only rocked several live shows during the summer, they have also just released their sixth studio album entitled Mañana. Another lockdown baby, the album was written and recorded ...

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