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Album Review: Way Back Riddim


by Valentin Zill

Album Review: Way Back Riddim

At least once a year Akom Records is back with a new riddim selection, and this time one is tempted to say that they are way back. Bassist Faby and drummer David composed and produced this relaxed 84 BPM, revivalist '80s rub-a-dub style riddim in D major. Dub Akom from Marseille, France are one of Europe’s major players in modern roots. They’re as convincing in studio as they are on stage as backing band, with a consistent output of top-ranking one riddim selections and a sure hand to select A artists as well as fresh talents that both deliver A+.

The Way Back Riddim is mixed to focus on vocals and bass, lyrics unfold fully, thus too much simplicity and lack of imagination in penning them would dilute the result. Backing vocals are a must on this one. The selection comes with twelve voiced versions and the instrumental. On board are mostly Dub Akom frequent flyers with platinum status: Konshens, Pressure, Lukie D, Jah Marnyah, Jah Mason, Turbulence, Lutan Fyah, and Jahnett Tafari, plus Johnny Osbourne himself, Million Stylez (together with Lutan), and brand new from outta Jamaica Jah Torius and Di Ras. A 10″ vinyl release coming later this year comes with two unreleased tracks.

Creating conscious awareness is the order on the Way Back Riddim, only Konshens and Pressure chose lovers tunes. Turbulence is somewhere in between with his Step Without Fear, a legalize-it-now ganja lovers anthem. The selection wouldn’t be complete without Montserrat’s Jah Marnyah, who inspires to Reach Out for your goals and get what you want. The only veteran Johnny Osbourne shows how it was done back in the days and asks a question still as urgent as it was then: Why must there be war? “We need love…”

The Way Back Riddim selection is great to enhance sitting outside and reminiscing on a mild summer evening, but will equally smooth roots sets in the dancehall. With a decent old school feel as way back in the days, leading the way in 2014.


Release details

Various Artists - Way Back Riddim

Various Artists - Way Back Riddim


Release date: 05/27/2014


01. Konshens - Let Me Go

02. Pressure - Crazy Love

03. Jah Torius - The System Evil

04. Luckie D - Calling

05. Jah Marnyah - Reach Out

06. Jah Mason - Dem A Fight

07. Di Ras - Heathen

08. Turbulence - Step Without Fear

09. Million Stylez & Lutan Fyah - Revelation Time

10. Johnny Osbourne - Why

11. Lorenzo - Warrior

12. Jahnett Tafari - Heathen Rage

13. Dub Akom - Way Back Riddim

Featured artists

Konshens / Pressure Busspipe / Lukie D / Jah Mason / Turbulence / Million Stylez / Lutan Fyah / Johnny Osbourne / Dub Akom Band