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Koffee Talks New Single and Debut Album @ The Zane Lowe Show


Koffee Talks New Single and Debut Album @ The Zane Lowe Show

Koffee joines Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new single Shine [listen here] from her forthcoming debut album Gifted [listen here] due out this Friday. The former Apple Music Up Next artist discusses the origins of the song, how she’s feeling ahead of the release of her debut album, how she approaches collaborations, and more. 

Koffee About The Origins of New Song Shine...
So I was actually in London and I think this was 2019, possibly. I was just in my hotel room practicing on my guitar, I knew I had a studio session later that night and I decided I was going to come up with some chords. Yeah, those are the four chords that came to me, went to the studio with them, played them for Jae5, the producer. He was like "Yo, this is dope." He started working on it immediately. While he was building the track, I was just in the back starting up my melodies and that's what we came up with.

Koffee About Her Forthcoming Debut Album ‘Gifted’...
I don't remember when I came up with the name, but I remember the thought process is that coming out of a time that made us like as creative for the most part, at least doubt ourselves, like at least once. Just kind of be in a head space of thinking "Man, can I really do this? Is this really meant for me? Is this the right time? Am I doing the right thing?" I think a lot of us during the pandemic had asked ourselves that question and myself included. I wanted to remind myself, encourage myself and just bring back that energy of being talented and reminding my fellow creatives that look, no matter what the setback is or how down you may feel like in a certain time, trust me, don't forget your gift that you have within you. Just remember that once you have life and you have the ability to execute a gift, just use that to the fullness of your ability.

Koffee Tells How She’s Feeling Ahead of the Release of Her Album...
Very grateful and very excited, very ready, I would say. I feel that the timing feels most perfect, working on lockdown for a minute. So I feel very refreshed and ready to just go back out into the world, hit the road and let everybody hear what we've been working on. To be honest, I had to kind of console myself into seeing that nothing happens before the correct time. I don't know what the setbacks would've been if it had happened earlier, I don't know what all the setbacks would've been, but one would've been like not being able to tour immediately. I'm just grateful.

Koffee Tells How She Approaches Collaboration…
What I'm trying to do is make the music space my home, really like settle in on a thing, find all the right things that help me to thrive in my part and also give me the ability to invite other people in the right way to collaborate. So what I really want to do is kind of take my time. I'm really big on energy. So I always feel like talented. You're talented, you can meet somebody else talented and you guys can always like hit the studio or make something happen. I genuinely believe in the energy that's behind it. I feel like that has to be genuine as well. I'm just kind of sending out into the universe that I'm open and ready for the right people to come my way. I really took my time collaboratively, as you can tell, because Gifted has no features at all.

Listen to the full interview here: THE ZANE LOWE SHOW @ APPLE MUSIC 1

Additional Koffee performed Shine as part of the Vevo LIFT series: