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Koffee Pays Tribute To Usain Bolt with New Song Legend


Koffee Pays Tribute To Usain Bolt with New Song Legend

A tribute to Usain Bolt, written and performed by 17-year-old Mikayla "Koffee" Simpson.

Koffee about her song Legend: "This song, written by me, is a tribute to Usain Bolt. It is a gift of appreciation on behalf of every youth in Jamaica (and all over the world) who has been inspired by his journey."  Watch the video below!

Song Lyrics:
To the world we a tek it
We likkle but we tallawah
We might not be picture perfect but yuh help we get ready fi di camera
From the dark comes the light
Lightning Bolt never less than strike
Heights by great men reached and kept suh mi know yuh neva sleep inna night

In Beijing when you got that gold
Mi seh di stadium stand up when yuh run
When di times get quicker and it start unfold
You seh "The sky is no limit, go beyond"

A so mi know
You're a legend [x4]

Miss Lou set di pace fi we culture
Fi mommy generation
Marcus Garvey, and Bob Marley
Preach freedom inna speech and song
Mi coulda watch a video and try
But mi nah see them wid mi own two eye
But me know St. Leo a di hero fi mi era, and that's why me tell yuh seh
Yuh nuh need no medal wid a heart of gold
You stay humble inna yuh glory
And if the times get slower or you start get old
Well me still remember your story

You're a legend [x4]