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Koffee @ H&M Holiday Campaign 2020 - Bring On The Future

12/03/2020 by Reggaeville

Koffee @ H&M Holiday Campaign 2020 - Bring On The Future

Koffee is the main lead in the H&M Holiday Campaign 2020 titled BRING ON THE FUTURE

The recently released commercial features a humble, hopeful and heartwarming New Year's poem performed by Koffee. And a wish – that 2021 will be so much better than 2020. 

Asked about her hopes for 2021, Koffee told H&M
"I would love to see a world where we all look out for each other because I think the world needs that more than just individual success. I don't know if we're getting there any time soon, really. But I am hopeful in my heart that we will see a world that is more connected and empathetic."

WATCH the spot below and read the poem here:

Farewell to endless days in sweats
The unmade bed, the unwashed hair
Hello encounters anywhere
Hello approaching strangers' pets

Release a flood of invitations
More guts and wider comfort zone
Life amplified through megaphone
Invite all new temptations

Instill the urgency to mend
The planet and what else is wrecked
Let things we wasted resurrect
Here’s to forever, not the end

Come out, let out the love within
Call in equality for all
Let the voice of justice call
Let’s love, let loose, let it begin

Explore, galore, ignite, have fun
Let out the free expression
Self-love, in repossession
Pick up your heart, let go and run

Bring on the night, bring everyone
Come rays of light across the sky
The year is fading, say goodbye
The future world has just begun