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Jemere Morgan's Debut Album 'Transition' out in 2017


Jemere Morgan's Debut Album 'Transition' out in 2017

Press Release, December 6th 2016
Jamaica, U.S.A - The royal family of reggae Morgan Heritage's musical legacy lives on by virtue of their body of work, and proudly through the next generation via Gramps Morgan's son Jemere Morgan.

The budding star musical career blossomed and matured forefront on a worldwide stage, as fans of the Grammy award-winning band saw Jemere transition in front of their eyes. From a pubescent teen to a young man he remained a frequent fixture on stage with his family, and in the recent years, performing alongside and as a featured act. The latter has manifest and culminated in Jemere Morgan debut album, appropriately titled Transition.

"This album, Transition, represents the current phase in my life, transitioning into becoming a man. I've been working on this album for the past three years, handpicking each sound down to the melodies of each record. Music and the artist should be one, and if the beat doesn't connect to me, I'm on to the next track. So, that's how I picked the tracks for the album. " explains Jemere of his inaugural album.

To be released under Dada Son Entertainment on January 6th, 2017, Transition was produced by Gramps Morgan and Jemere himself, with productions contributions from Chimney Records, Markus Records, Rellee Hayden, Nebilus Records, Notis Records among a host of other notable producers, has 17 tracks and features collaborations with Jo Mersa Marley, Agent Sasco, J Boog, Stonebwoy, Toian and Gramps Morgan. "I consider everyone featured on my album family. My uncle Peetah also helped with the co-writing process on my album.". As the eyes and ears of the world await the album, Jemere recognizes that he feels a slight encumbrance, "I don't really feel pressure, but there's a standard that I have to live by. I've been blessed to have family and a team around me to help live up and above those standards."

Along with an upcoming 2017 tour, Jemere will deliver 3 visuals for the album. "I am currently planning to shoot three videos for songs from the album, "Shouldn't Have" featuring Jo Mersa Marley, "Bang Bang" featuring Toian, and "Try Jah Love" featuring my dad, Gramps Morgan."

Jemere Morgan: "I put out my first album ever. That says a lot for the beginning of any artist's career. It's an accomplishment and a learning experience at the same time. This album represents me taking control of my life and turning my dream into a reality. Here you have it". - Jemere Morgan

01. Transition
02. Try Jah Love feat. Gramps Morgan
03. Forever Girl
04. Neighborhood Girl feat. Agent Sasco (Remix)
05. Good Old Roots
06. Shakers & Movers feat. J Boog
07. Shouldn't Have feat. Jo Mersa Marley
08. A.C.B feat. Stonebwoy
09. Shine With Me
10. She's Gone
11. Celebrate Life feat. Gramps Morgan
12. Bang Bang feat. Toian
13. International Love
14. War
15. Run Dem Out
16. Anything You Want
17. Take Me Go Home

Preview the album with two fresh songs! Good Old Roots and Shouldn't Have feat. Jo Mersa Marley: