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Roots & Culture - The Film: Crowdfunding Is Proud Funding!

12/16/2013 by Gardy Stein

Roots & Culture - The Film: Crowdfunding Is Proud Funding!

ROOTS & CULTURE: The Film - Soliparty, 13.12.13 @ Angelklub, Hamburg

This is no ordinary concert review. It is an appeal, a plea for the community to support an upcoming project that – once realized – will give an in-depth insight into our beloved Reggae Music: Roots & Culture - the film!!!

On the crowd funding platform STARTNEXT.de, the project has only six (5, 4, 3…) days left to reach the financial goal necessary for its completion. More than half of the money is already there – the problem is, if the whole amount is not reached until next Sunday, all the funds collected so far will be given back to the people who donated it. So, log in to add whatever you can to the pot: STARTNEXT.de! Besides supporting the worthy cause, you'll be able to choose from a list of thank-you-goodies, including rare vinyls, a Reggae Jam Festival Package or your name/ logo in the end credits of the finished movie. Luciano, who supports this project as well, says: "Crowdfunding is proud funding!".

The initiators and driving forces behind the ambitious project, Jonas Schaul and Oliver Becker, explain their motivations thus: "In our film "Roots and Culture", we're going to portray artists and protagonists of the arising movement of roots reggae music and Rastafari culture. In close cooperation with artists we intend to point out the spirit and strength of the former reggae movement as well as presenting the revitalised power by this young generation concerning today's claims and perspectives. The film aims at providing a deep and personal insight into inspirations, perspectives and claims of those activists and musicians by creating a portrait of the contemporary roots reggae scene and reggae revival. We try to create a medium which can provide a means for a wide audience to recognize and understand these upcoming voices. With this documentary we want to contribute to an international recognition of this movement in the field of filmmaking."

To contribute to its realization, a number of artists dedicated their Friday evening to the cause. Uwe Banton, Yah Meek, Ray Darwin and special surprise guest Jamaica Papa Curvin showed up in Hamburg (AngelKlub) to unite in a solidarity showcase. The evening started off with what it was all about: Roots & Culture! During a Nyabinghi-Session backstage, the four singers warmed up to their performances. When they took a break, I asked them for a statement as to why they came all the way to Hamburg to support this movie. Uwe Banton reflected on that for a few seconds, smiled at me, nodded to his fellow musicians, and with that they plunged into a beautiful Rasta chant. The lyrics escaped me, but this musical interlude with drumming heartbeat, vibrant guitar and harmonious singing made my hairs stand on edge and filled everyone present with a calm awe… It was just one of these golden moments that turn music into feelings of pure bliss and make you become part of this universal language. Actually, no words could have expressed the concept of Roots & Culture (and its meaning to those who are part of the movement) better or more comprehensively than these minutes – this was more statement than I had dreamt of getting!

Almost reluctantly, I made my way downstairs to enjoy the warm-up sets from Dub Teacha, Queen Easy and Crucial B. (all three of them founding parents of the Hamburg Reggae Scene). Ray Darwin was the first to enter stage around 1:30am, followed by Uwe Banton with a little acoustic set. He was then joined by Papa Curvin with his huge Djembe, and when they started to play and sing together, the location seemed to shrink to backstage size, creating the same positive vibe as before. After a few more songs from his current album Mental War, Uwe made way for Yah Meek, who had done a fabulous vocal back-up until then. They joined forces for a final song after which Crucial Vibes Sound took over once more, making people dance to the music we all love and appreciate.

Reggae has many stories to tell. Roots & Culture – the film intends to make them heard and seen by an audience worldwide: "We had some good interviews and conversations with Dutty Bookman, Kabaka Pyramid, Jah9, Protoje, Chronixx, Luciano, Matthias 'Fyahs', Iba Mahr, Yaadcore, Ranking Joe, U Brown, Prezident Brown, Linval Thompson… We think that there is no one who could talk about the story, development and efforts of roots reggae music better than the people who are engaged in Jamaica. Such an energetic, interesting and inspiring movement should be supported to get a voice via the medium of film - free and independent.", says Jonas.

We should make sure these stories get told and as many people as possible get a first-hand impression of the inherent positivity and spiritually uplifting messages Roots Reggae Culture has to offer. Check this page for more information on this unique project: STARTNEXT.de, donate one or two (or more) Euros and make sure you tell your friends. United we stand!!!