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Suns Of Dub - Far East Dub

Suns Of Dub - Far East Dub

DIGITAL RELEASE [Suns of Dub - DubLife Muzik]

Release date: 11/06/2015


01. Eastern Acoustic feat. Addis Pablo
02. Jah Alone [Eastern Chant] feat. Jah Bami
03. Harar Melody [Unconditional Melody] feat. Addis Pablo
04. Unconditional Love [Harar Love] feat. Jah Bami
05. Far East Median feat. Addis Pablo
06. Selassie I Wisdom feat. Addis Pablo
07. Jah Chant Dub
08. Unconditional Dub
09. Median Dub
10. Selassie I Wisdom Dub
11. Acoustic Dub
12. Harar Dub Version

Featured artists

Addis Pablo / Jah Bami


This timeless Rastafarian demand has found a new organ. Produced by HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I himself (I am just quoting the credits here!), the prolific Suns Of Dub present us with a journey to the Far East. Even though they are a relatively ...

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