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Review & Photos: J Boog in Frankfurt, Germany 12/2/2011

12/03/2011 by Lea Jerczynski

Review & Photos: J Boog in Frankfurt, Germany 12/2/2011

J Boog in Frankfurt, Germany @ Sinkkasten 12/2/2011



Just as urban as the location, the Sinkkasten Club (situated in the town center of Frankfurt, Germany), was the crowd that came to enjoy the show of J Boog on Friday, December 2nd. The major part of the visitors consisted of stylish dressed youngsters who you could definitely call the younger generation of Reggae/Dancehall fans.

After a nice and slow roots rock pre-juggeling by the Frankfurt Dubs Till Dawn Soundsystem and an extensive Dancehall warm up by the hosts of the night, the„Soundbwoys Destiny Sound (also from Frankfurt), the time had come for J Boog to enter the stage of the small club at 2:40am.

The last set before J Boog's entrance that was played by Soundbwoys Destiny included a few conciousness tracks like Give Praise by Luciano. J Boog himself sticked to that topic with his first song that is also called Give Thanks, a chilled song of praise adressed to the Almighty.

Mr. Boogs outward appereance reflected his American and Samoan roots in an authentic way. Adjusting his cap on stage to the left side in a kind of Hip-Hop-ish style, also the rest of his outfit corresponded to the place in which he grew up, Compton (California, USA). The traditional polynesian tattoo which on his left arm represented the Samoan side of his origin. After a salutatory „Aloooha!“ the artist immediately tought the crowd some Polynasian culture by translating the word „Pacalolo“ in a following strike of Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher, which was well received by the audience as you could hear in a few of the visitors singing along. The following songs Got To Be Strong (originally recorded in a combination with Richie Spice) and Every Little Thing (album version featuring Fiji) even sounded nice without being collaborations and set the listeners in a really groovy mood. The relaxed party mood of the audience that was recognizable for the whole night was very well served by these songs.

The vibe changed from groovy to very cosy when he started singing a song, which really fitted to the cold and rainy weather of the current German season: Waiting On The Rain.
Emphasising his souly-throaty voice, the song probably was the vocal highlight of the whole performance. The next song performed continued dealing with the topic that seems to be his favourite one - love. Gone So Far, a thoughtful love song worked as a transition to the eagerly-awaited track of the night.

Let's Do It Again constituted the final of the gig which was recognizable be the fact that J Boog already left the stage for a first time after singing an acapella version of the refrain.
Of course he came back out to finish the song completely with a little help of the audiences' voices who sang along loud.

As an encore J Boog surprised the listeners, who probably thought he was only able to sing slow Roots Reggae songs and ballads: Supported by raps (on tracks) of nobody else than Snoop Dogg, he left the audience becoming curious about what kind of work can be expected from the artists in the future.

The expectation towards future-work can be seen the final score of the whole performance. The greater part of the audience didn't seem to know the most of J Boog's songs already but they nevertheless were able to show great energy and sympathy towards the artist. The fact that he and his songs were this well received by the Frankfurt crowd really amazed Mr. Boog as he told Reggaeville shorty after the gig.