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Album Review: Los Guardianes de Gregory - La Misma Cancíon


by Lena Pletzinger

Album Review: Los Guardianes de Gregory - La Misma Cancíon

Do you remember The Same Song by Israel Vibration? This debut single from the previously unknown Jamaican trio was created in the era of the beginning of roots music—in the early days of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Inner Circle. Thanks to the huge success of that song, Israel Vibration gained high international recognition by the end of the '70s. So did the message of Rastafari, which has ever since been a main subject in their lyrics. Even in these days The Same Song still remains a cultural classic.

Forty years after the release of The Same Song, an Argentinian group of musicians brings us a brand-new interpretation of a well-chosen selection of Israel Vibration songs under the album name La Misma Canción [Spanish for: The Same Song], produced at Negril Music Studio in Buenos Aires with a few exception of songs mixed and mastered at Lion & Fox Recording Studios in Washington. 

What makes this tribute to Israel Vibration exceptional is that all the songs are sung and re-shaped in the Spanish language and embedded in the concept of temporary Latin American Reggae without losing the distinct face of the Israel Vibration sound. Behind this project are the producer and co-founder of Negril Music Studio, Federico Soto Roland, and the band Los Guardianes De Gregory. The band consists of Federico 'FedaRoots' Soto Roland himself (rhythm guitar and keyboards), Marcelo 'Gummy' Orellano (drums), Matos Quintana (bass and percussion), and Edu Gutierrez (lead guitar).

The songs chosen for this LP range from the very early '70s Israel Vibration days (The Same Song, Ball of Fire) to the tunes of the 80s and 90s (Falling Angels, Middle East, Jailhouse Rocking, There is No End, Rebel For Real, Vultures, Try Again) and one of the more recent works (My Master's Will). Every song on this release features another Latin American Reggae singer. One of the prominent guests is Quique Neira, best known as the former voice of Gondwana. Neira successfully takes on the challenge of re-shaping The Same Song in title song La Misma Cancion. Worth mentioning are the rising artists: Nico 'Bird' Ucceloin in Angeles Caídos, Edrian M. in Medio Oriente, Alan Roots in Bola De Fuego, Pety from the Argentinian reggae band RIDDIM in Jailhouse Rocking, Chelo Zimbabwe in Ya No Hay Fin, dancehall/reggae newcomer Jahricio from Costa Rica in Rebel For Real, Rey in Buitres and MRoots in Intenta Otra Vez. Out of these tunes, Medio Oriente and Buitres are big treasures– such as the originals.

Another very special credit to the release is a non-Latino guest: no other than Flabba 'Roots Radics' Holt, who himself used to record with Israel Vibration back in the '90s and with whom he still tours the world. Holt adds his music skills on the bass in Buitres, Bola De Fuego, Jailhouse Rocking and Es Voluntad De Jah.

All of these tunes have developed their very own character – some follow the versions of Israel Vibration more closely, others again are barley recognizable. In the end, the harmony of the rhythm, the accentuation on vocals and the message of unity resemble the originals.

La Misma Cancion by Los Guardianes de Gregory & Amigos is not only homage to one of the most impactful Jamaican Reggae groups of all time. More than that, it unites today’s representatives of the Latin American Reggae family in one disc and presents a beautiful combination of the Jamaican and the Latin American reggae sound. Whether it's in English or Spanish, “we all gonna sing the same song”!

Release details

Los Guardianes de Gregory - La Misma Cancíon

Los Guardianes de Gregory - La Misma Cancíon

DIGITAL RELEASE [Negril Music Studio]

Release date: 09/28/2018


01. Es Voluntad De Jah feat. Fedaroots

02. Lam Misma Cancion feat. Quique Neira

03. Bola De Fuegp feat. Alan Roots

04. Angeles Caidos feat. Nico Uccello

05. Buitres feat. Rey

06. Jailhouse Rocking feat. Pety De Riddim

07. Ya No Hay Fin feat. Chelo Zimbabwe

08. Medio Oriente feat. Edrian M

09. Rebelde For Real feat. Jahricio

10. Intenta Otra Vez feat. Mroots

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