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iNi Kamoze - Two New Albums


iNi Kamoze - Two New Albums

Fresh news about two new album releases by the hotstepper iNi Kamoze. Below you will find the official press release for the first album iNi Kamoze meets Xterminator: Tramplin’ Down Babylon, which is out now. Listen to two full songs in the player at the bottom.

The second album Bus The Earth is scheduled to be released in march. Stay tuned for more details...

iNi Kamoze meets Xterminator: Tramplin’ Down Babylon [February 2016]
Heralded as a profound influence on the generation of artists currently in the reggae forefront, his timeless songs and riddim tracks are often incorporated in chart-topping productions. His hits are performed on stage by others as an homage, even by many of the top tier artists. And although he is not often publicly sighted, the imponderable iNi Kamoze has been very busy recording songs. In an effort to re-populate the world with his early recordings (many of which are no longer available from former labels), iNi has produced and re-recorded his extensive catalog of work and released them on the 9 Sound Clik label.

iNi Kamoze meets Xterminator: Tramplin’ Down Babylon is the latest addition to the array of tracks that Kamoze presents to the world of reggae. The 13 songs featured on this album are a collection of original and newly re-recorded works written by iNi Kamoze and produced by 9 Sound Clik, a musical entity which includes Phillip “Fatis” Burrell of the Xterminator record label.

Each of these recordings is exceptional, and naturally includes the hugely popular dancehall anthem Hotter This Year. The re-mixed bonus track of Hill And Gully Ride appears courtesy of Kareem Burrell, son of Fatis, who carries on the legacy of his father’s work on his own XTM Nation label. Another bonus song features the voice of one of reggae’s untapped heavyweights, Lupa, who lends his talent on the alternate mix of Trample. Sizzla Kalonji joins iNi on a fresh take of Goodness And Mercy; the original vocals reworked in this track.

Prominent Jamaican illustrator Taj Francis created the incredible album cover artwork.

iNi Kamoze recalls:
"Philip “Fatis” Burrell AKA Guru.. rest in peace my brethren, my friend. I have never asked Fatis a question he couldn’t answer - and I’ve asked many. Never had a problem he couldn’t solve - and I’ve had many. I recall we used to belly-laugh every time we remember how the police surrounded the car with guns drawn and death in their eyes. “Oh, it’s you Mr. Fatis! But who dat boy in the passenger side? Hey boy - get outta da car wit ya hands up!”...”But I’m iNi Kamoze officer!” I protested. The cop shouted, “I don’t know no damn Kamodo! Put up ya hands dem now!”...and searched me from head to toe. I got back in the car, Fatis grinning from ear to ear, leaned over and said,”Hotstepper better step hotter this year!”... We drove to Anchor Recording Studio and recorded Hotter This Year, in one take, which became a smash hit. This collection is our journey through life and sounds of Kingston, Jamaica."