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Walshy Fire & Reggaeville present FYAKIN - Reggaevival Mixtape


Walshy Fire & Reggaeville present FYAKIN - Reggaevival Mixtape

Walshy Fire & Reggaeville present Fyakin in the second installment to the REGGAEVIVAL Mixtape series.

A versatile artist, Fyakin switches from complex vocals to deejay-style chants delivering scorching lyrics over juggled one-drop & dancehall rhythms. Using his real life experience growing up in Kingston’s streets, unique rhymes call on this street knowledge while promoting a future for Jamaica that promotes positive vibes.

His 2017 ganja tune Steamin opens up the mix tape, Herbs another anthem to the collie is present. An unreleased new song is premiered entitled Irie on the mix. Combinations with Pressure Busspipe on Rastafari Call and Anthony B on Oh Jah Remember are also featured.

Songs in the sequence are introduced in old school dancehall MC style and changed up as special Duplates with Walshy Fire and Major Lazer shout outs interspersed. See the full tracklist here and listen below:

01. Intro
02. Steamin (Major Lazer Dubplate)
03. Green
04. Jingle
05. Ganja (Major Lazer Dubplate)
06. Warrior Ways (Major Lazer Dubplate)
07. Dangerous (Major Lazer Dubplate)
08. Breakfree (Major Lazer Dubplate)
09. Jingle
10. Free Di Rasta
11. Irie
12. Life of a Gangster feat. Ky-Mani Marley
13. Watchie Watchie (Major Lazer Dubplate)
14. Baltimore (Major Lazer Dubplate)
15. Old Vibes
16. Jingle
17. Come Down (Major Lazer Dubplate)
18. Mek It Bun (Major Lazer Dubplate)
19. Pound Pon Pound (Major Lazer Dubplate)
20. Barriers
21. One More Gone Again feat. Soul J
22. Work & Done
23. New Rastafari Call feat. Pressure Busspipe
24. On & On (Major Lazer Dubplate)
25. Setup (Major Lazer Dubplate)
26. Blessed (Major Lazer Dubplate)
27. Don't Care (Major Lazer Dubplate)
28. Warrior With A Cause (Major Lazer Dubplate)
29. Mek Dem Talk (Major Lazer Dubplate)
30. Ruff Up
31. Jingle
32. I Am Bless
33. I Miss Your Love
34. Fari Style
35. Police & Cowboys (Major Lazer Dubplate)
36. Memories
37. One Draw (Major Lazer Dubplate)
38. Journey
39. Oh Jah Remember feat. Anthony B
40. Revelation
41. Lego di Ego feat. I-Wayne
42. Something For You
43. Fade Away feat. Erup
44. Wolf Inna Sheep Clothes feat. Konshens
45. Protection