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The Movement - Always With Me

The Movement - Always With Me

DIGITAL RELEASE [Ineffable Records]

Release date: 07/29/2022


01. Always With Me
02. Afraid
03. Beg Borrow
04. Sounds Of Summer feat. Slightly Stoopid
05. Elephant
06. No Worry
07. Worth Fighting For
08. Chainz
09. Jungle
10. Mountain feat. Clinton Fearon
11. Actor feat. Hirie
12. High Roller 
13. On & On feat. Iration
14. Love To Burn feat. Soom T
15. U Don't Know Me

Featured artists

Slightly Stoopid / Clinton Fearon / Hirie / Iration / Soom T


"If, when you close your eyes, you become one with everything under the sun, loved and undone, you will see there's a lasting light that guides us every minute, every second… I will never be alone, you are always with me." (Always With Me)

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