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Album Review: Gyptian - Sex, Love & Reggae


by Gerry McMahon

Album Review: Gyptian - Sex, Love & Reggae

Multi-award winning artist Gyptian’s new 17 track Sex, Love and Reggae is sure to be well received by the massive. Indeed all of the preliminary releases therefrom are going down real well – and this album is sure to follow suit. Under the guidance of producer Christopher Chin (of the legendary ‘Chin’ musical dynasty) ‘dem youth’ are in for a nice treat with this package.

The singer’s fifth album release opens with a neat space odyssey reverberation sound effect, as the album launches into the deceptively titled G Spot – a track that proves to be more of an uplifting celebration of life than a dancehall ‘slackness’ session.

This positive theme is reinforced as Gyptian proceeds to gives thanks and praise in Reggae Morning, followed by a pacey Be Alright track that serves to showcase the artist’s considerable vocal versatility. Thereafter the listener is treated to a saucy serving of mixed musical styles, in the novel I’m So, as the (already well received) Overtime track (off the JustUs produced riddim) precedes Angela Hunte’s crisp delivery that cleverly contrasts with Gyptian’s oft-aching tones in the album’s lead single Vixen. Produced by Jerry 'Wonda' Duplessis - the Grammy award winning Haitian-born musical composer - this track tells the tale of a charming, though unexpected romantic tangle.

The album’s title track is greatly enhanced by the popular Trinidadian Bunji Garlin, before Gyptian really picks up the pace in the aptly titled Non Stop. Thereafter the love theme kicks in, via Turn Me OnWine Slow (off the Rio riddim) and Wete Fete (with the able assistance of Kes The Band). Melanie Fiona’s contribution to the One More Time track is also a welcome bonus and enhances the album’s quality, in much the same way as the Royal Love duet with Estelle - where she seductively promises to be ‘all that you need’ - making for yet another complementary contribution .

The catchy opening to Good Girls then sets the scene for concerns about this species fatal attraction to ‘bad boys’! By the time the Murderer track spins, most listeners will be ready to slow down the pace, as Gyptian regrettably advises that ‘it’s time for me to go’.

But his departure is not before giving Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours a twirl - and then paying homage to the late great Gregory Isaacs, via My Number One (with stalwarts Dean Fraser, Dwight Richards and Nambo Robinson making a rare brass input to the album). Whilst these are more than competent ‘takes’ on the two classics, many will argue that neither really compares favourably with the original. This may prompt unfavourable comparisons between Gyptian - the relatively new kid on the block - and the past master and mistress of their domain that were Lauper and Isaacs. However the good news is that Gyptian has enough gasoline in his musical tank to make the journey, bridging the gap with a new generation of fans.

Overall this album combines a subtle mix of musical genres, built upon Gyptian’s undoubted vocal range. And what the album lacks in substantive sound effects, it more than compensates for in melodic messages.

Release details

Gyptian - Sex, Love & Reggae

Gyptian - Sex, Love & Reggae


Release date: 10/29/2013


01. G Spot
02. A Reggae Morning
03. Be Alright
04. I'm So
05. Overtime
06. Vixen Feat. Angela Hunte
07. Sex, Love and Reggae feat. Angela Hunte & Bunji Garlin
08. Non Stop
09. Wet Fete feat. Kes The Band
10. Turn Me On
11. Wine Slow
12. One More Time feat. Melanie Fiona
13. Royal Love feat. Estelle
14. Good Girl
15. Murderer
16. True Colors
17. My Number One