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New Reggae Anthology... Redman International - We Run Things

11/27/2023 by Press Release

New Reggae Anthology... Redman International - We Run Things

In 1985, Wayne Smiths all-conquering Under Mi Sleng Teng, which used simple, digital beats to startling effect, turned the entire industry upside down. Out went structured song arrangements, and in came a creative force so vibrant, off-the-cuff and unfettered that it proved irresistible. The ten years or so that followed yielded so many stylistic and technological innovations; so many new and exciting artists, producers, record labels, sound systems, fashions, dances and different ways of doing things that it was like viewing the island’s music scene through a kaleidoscope. It was a time of renewal - rebirth even - and Redman, owner of Redman Hi-Power, was there at the heart of it…John Masouri

 “Redman International - We Run Things” is a deep dive into the catalogue of topranking Jamaican record producer Hugh ‘Redman’ James, featuring digital Dancehall scorchers from the likes of Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minott, John Holt, Frankie Paul and many more. 

Redman first got his start with his idol, the Dub pioneer King Tubby, back in 1985 after he helped to reignite Tubby’s musical career by facilitating the purchase of a state-of-the-art mixing desk from the USA.

He often worked with the hottest musicians on the island such as the Roots Radics and Steely & Clevie, the latter of which really helped to shape Redman’s signature sound, rough and tough basslines, digital drum machines with heavily syncopated rhythms and synth-infused melodies which resonated with the Dancehall massive in a big way. Redman truly went outernational when the legendary middleweight boxer Nigel Benn began to use Courtney Melody’s Dangerous as his entrance music, which led to global interest in Redman’s vast catalogue.

This Reggae Anthology explores Redman’s versatility as a producer as well, with the vinyl LP showcasing his digital Roots and Rub-A-Dub shots with artists such as Admiral Tibet, Red Dragon, Puddy Roots and Carl Meeks whilst the expanded double CD includes a number of different vocals on the same riddims, additional DJ cuts and more. Expect a plethora of big tunes from the late 80s Dancehall scene as well as a Lovers selection and classic covers including Sanchez’s Lady In Red & Thriller U’s Careless Whisper

Lauded Reggae historian John Masouri has supplied the in-depth sleeve notes plus there are several unreleased and rare photographs from Redman’s personal archive incorporated in the design of the album, making this compilation a true collector’s item.

Redman International - We Run Things will be out on December 1, 2023 as LP, Double CD and Digital release. 

Disc 1:
01. Dangerous - Conroy Smith
02. Old Friend - Sanchez
03. New Tactics - Admiral Tibet
04. Ease Off - Red Dragon
05. Geow Now - Horace Martin
06. Old Chain - Da Da Waps
07. Concrete Jungle - Dave Bailey
08. One Love - Little Kirk
09. Slow Down - Frankie Paul
10. Victim - Gregory Isaacs
11. Just Be Rambo - Michael Palmer
12. Them A Wolf - Sugar Minott
13. My Lady - Courtney Melody
14. Careless Whisper - Thriller U
15. Rougher Yet - Cultural Roots
16. Heard About My Love - Carl Meeks & Daddy Lilly
17. Youthman - Carl Meeks
18. Kolo Ko - Clement Irie
19. Blinking Something - Pinchers
20. We Run Things - Flourgon

Disc 2:
01. Danger - Carl Meeks
02. Chisholm Avenue - Gregory Isaacs
03. Rub A Dub One - Little John
04. Certain Kinda Rhythm - Frankie Paul
05. When I Release - Puddy Roots
06. Yu No Remember - Wayne Palmer
07. Runnings - Dave Bailey
08. Weh Dem Fah - Carl Meeks
09. No Trouble We - Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert
10. Lady In Red - Sanchez
11. Come On Home - Sugar Minott
12. Why I Care - John Holt
13. Sweet Reggae Music - Cultural Roots
14. Gimme The Grass - Horace Martin
15. Hand Cart Man - Frankie Paul
16. Careless People - Tony Tuff
17. Roots Man Corner - Courtney Melody
18. Border - Pinchers
19. To The Champion - Donovan Champion
20. It's Over - Thriller U