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Flabba Holt @ Take Me Places #5

12/09/2022 by Munchy

Flabba Holt @ Take Me Places #5

The fact that he used to be "one of the wickedest dancers from West Kingston" is well familiar to Errol "Flabba" Holt's fans but do you know which later recording artist by the nickname Bumpie he used to par and dance with when he was younger? Which one of his colleagues was called Toothache? And how Flabba ultimately mixed Gregory Isaacs' most well-known album Night Nurse at Compass Point Studio in the Bahamas?

At his friend's yard in the heart of Kingston, surrounded by murals and artwork illustrating some of the great power houses of Jamaican music, Flabba Holt reveals his multi-facetted, thrilling and impressive personal story and his extraordinary career that is so deeply connected with the history of the genre in an extensive conversation as part 5, the grande finale of Take Me Places' first season.

Almost four hours the bassie, producer and singer spent generously to reminisce and share deep insight starting from his childhood in Denham Town, his early days as a dancer, the first time he held a bass in his hand. Having spent decades in the studio and on stage, he developed friendships with his fellow musicians, created countless infamous bass lines but also got to experience competition, foul play and struggles. 

Devided into three parts plus an additional clip with his legendary instrument this conversation will yet fly by thanks to Flabba Holt's fascinating way of story-telling, the surprising twists he creates in his narration, and not least his captivating presentation. 

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