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Dubtopia - Gentleman’s Dub Club Announce New Album

02/01/2017 by Press Release

Dubtopia - Gentleman’s Dub Club Announce New Album

Gentleman’s Dub Club Announce New Album "Dubtopia" Along With Extensive Tour Schedule

Gentleman’s Dub Club strive to provide the perfect getaway this spring with the announcement of Dubtopia, an album with clear intent and laser-focused direction. By sharing a common vision and cultivating a creative environment, the band aspires to provide listeners a cathartic release from a world shrouded in stress, injustice, and hypocrisy by providing “a musical paradise set apart from everyday life intended for pure celebration.” Dubtopia will be available everywhere via tastemaker label Easy Star Records on April 7th, 2017.

The band had an active year in 2016 supporting their previous release, The Big Smoke, as well as collaborating with top producers on The Big Smoke Remixed, all while staying busy with live performances. The Big Smoke found the band attaining the attention of fans across the globe, peaking at #1 on the iTunes Reggae Chart and symbolizing a giant step forward from the humble beginnings of basement jamming in Leeds. The group is made up of many well-rounded musicians specializing in every step of the composition process ensuring every detail of the band’s vision is seen through from the rehearsal room down to the mixing board. Gentleman’s Dub Club is a nine-member group including Jonathan Scratchley (vocals), Tommy Evans (drums), Luke Allwood (Keys), Nick Tyson (guitar), Toby Davies (bass, synth), Niall Lavelle (percussion), Matt Roberts (trumpet), Kieren Gallagher (sax), and Harry Devenish (sound).

The material in Dubtopia came together by bouncing ideas off each other whenever inspiration struck. Coming up with ideas solo or in sectionals, and bringing them into multi-track recordings of full band rehearsals allowed Gentleman’s Dub Club to arrange the songs in a way that stayed true to the song’s structure without losing any of the magic that arises from the live chemistry the bandmates share. Setting Dubtopia apart from prior releases is the range of influences. The band sought new creative inputs to add another dimension to their established style, including bringing in many featured artists for an exceptional change of pace. Features include Lady Chann, Taiwan MC, Parly B, and Eva Lazarus.

Writing for Dubtopia started back in late 2015 at London Speaker Hire Hackney Wick, a rehearsal space offering multi-track demo recording allowing ideas to be captured organically. Tracking took place at bassist Toby Davies’ studio ‘27 Club’ located in ‘The Chocolate Factory’ with vocals and horns recorded at Evergreen Studio. Drums were laid down by Evans in less than 12 hours at The Fish Factory. The band used an array of acclaimed microphones and equipment to capture to true essence and nuances of the songs.

Fans of Gentleman’s Dub Club may be surprised by the amount of high-energy bangers in Dubtopia. The transition came as a result of natural refinement, channeling the energy the band received at live performances mixed with a growing sense of confidence in songwriting technique and studio aptitude. Layers of sonic richness ensue with vocal harmonies and multi-part horn lines laying over a bed of deep dancefloor-friendly dub. From the one-drop rhythm of Dancing In The Breeze to the featured vocal changeup of Fire In The Hole, reminiscent of something out of the Major Lazer camp, Dubtopia provides an instant getaway from the drop of the needle down to the last track. Let A Little Love, In Your Heart, and Sun Kissing all show a delicate balance of sweet and upbeat that is sure to put smiles on faces. Staying true to their name, dub effects gracefully overlay the entire album at just the right moments strengthening the transitions and drops.

European fans will be happy to see an extensive tour announced, including a large headlining show in London at the Troxy, shows in France, and the band’s first ever Moroccan performance in April.

Listen and watch to the first single Dancing In The Breeze below. Also available as FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!