Ganjaman ADD

Uwe Banton - Free Your Mind

DIGITAL RELEASE / CD [Rasta Yard Records]

Release date: 06/18/2021


01. Ark Of The Covenant feat. Ras Yohannes
02. Speak The Truth
03. Keep On Learning
04. Free Your Mind
05. What Kind Of World
06. DO Good
07. Deep Mess
08. Hurry Up And Come feat. Afrika Cele
09. My Smile
10. Stop The Talkin
11. This Train
12. BirdsHave To Fly
13. No Special Reason
14. I Am Not Afraid feat. Ganjaman
15. Wir Weigern Uns
16. Wir Weigern Uns (Dub)
17. Deep Mess (Dub)
18. Ark Of The Covenant (Dub)

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The return of Germany’s Uwe Banton, nine years since his last album Mental War, is a highly anticipated moment. And with his new project, he certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

Free Your Mind, released via Banton’s Rasta Yard Records, sees him cover 18 ...

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