Exile Di Brave ADD

KAT7 aka Exile Di Brave + Gavsborg Deep Dive Into Reggae @ My Analog Journey

09/04/2023 by Reggaeville

A Deep Dive into Reggae from Yesterday and Today with KAT7
is the brainchild of the talented German-based Jamaican creatives, Exile Di Brave and Gavsborg. With Exile Di Brave's established success as a reggae/dancehall singer and toaster, and Gavsborg's pioneering role as the visionary behind Equiknoxx & Equiknoxx Music (experimental Jamaican music collective & label), this collaboration is nothing short of mind-bending. In this episode they are sharing outernational vibrations from back home.


  1. I Roy & The Upsetters - Space Flight
  2. Green Småtroll - Clint Eastwood
  3. Micah Shemaiah feat. Infinite & Matthias - Reggae Rockit
  4. Norma White - I Want Your Love
  5. Ernest Ranglin - In The Rain
  6. Exile Di Brave - Holiday (Dubplate)
  7. Eesah feat. Capleton & Lutan Fyah - The Beginning Of Time
  8. Raging Fyah - Step Outta Babylon
  9. Jah Exile - Not A Bed Of Roses (Dub Version)
  10. Sister Carol - Always Be A Ras
  11. Micah Shemaiah - Legal 
  12. Aza Lineage - Sound System
  13. Jah Exile - Blaze (Dub Version)
  14. Dubmatix feat. Kazam Davis & Exile Di Brave - High Life
  15. Rassi Hardknocks feat. Micah Shemaiah, Simonese, Eesah & Exile Di Brave - Africa Awaits
  16. KAT7 & Shanique Marie - Funk Schön
  17. Mikey General - Parring P (Dubplate)
  18. Micah Shemaiah feat. Likkle Briggie, Hempress Sativa, Eesah, Infinite - Dread at the Control
  19. Apichat Pakwan - Yang Farang Dub
  20. Alex-A-Game - Braver (Swing Ting Smooth Edit)
  21. Alex-A-Game - Braver (Swing Ting Smooth Edit Version)

MAJ (a.k.a. My Analog Journal) is a YouTube channel that curates vinyl-only mixes on a weekly basis. Every mix focuses on a certain genre, country, or region, era, or simply an idea or a theme.

It all started in late 2017 when Zag Erlat - Istanbul-born, London-based music producer, filmmaker, record collector, DJ and the host of the MAJ Youtube channel - decided to play his Turkish records from the ‘70s, which was the golden era of Turkish psychedelic rock music; after he realised that there aren’t any vinyl sets focusing on this genre, on Youtube. Shortly after, his sets gained some attention and very positive feedback from all around the world.

Zag found his new passion and desire to create more vinyl-only episodes and share the music he loves with the people of the internet, which eventually turned into an online community.