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Album Review: Eek A Mouse - Eek-Ology


by Gerry McMahon

Album Review: Eek A Mouse - Eek-Ology

VP Records are to be congratulated for the recent release of some quality reggae music. Following hard on the heels of Culture, the Mighty Diamonds, Gregory Isaacs, Garnett Silk, Barrington Levy, Barry and Dennis Brown and many more ‘anthology’ type collections, comes Eek A Mouse. This is a generous 33 track double CD, with the added bonus of the artist delivering five of his classic turns in DVD format – straight from the 1982 Reggae Sunsplash experience.

Eek A Mouse – otherwise known as Ripton Joseph Hylton - has always presented as a curious character. This curiousity was particularly evident in the dastardly deeds warranting his recent incarceration at the pleasure of North Carolina’s jail house authorities. Which brings us to his musical output – that none can contest is truly impressive. At 56 years of age, Eek A Mouse can look back on a life plastered with some fine musical works. As you would expect, this VP product captures the artist at his very best – despite (inevitably) missing some of his sweet Shanachie and Ras Records produce.

If you ever wondered what ‘singjay’ was, this combo has the answer – with a half singing, half deejaying\rapping style of delivery filling the content to fine effect. With his unique ‘biddy biddy beng beng’ echo splicing a combination of roots and dancehall tracks, the VP release can stand as the ultimate Eek A Mouse collectors’ item and a must for fans of both genres. All the classics are to be found in the combo. The collection opens with ‘Virgin Girl’ and proceeds to treat the listener to a host of hits, including Ganja Smuggling, Neutron Bomb, Wa Do Dem, and Hitler.

It also offers generous twelve-inch takes on For Hire And Removal, Do You Remember, and Operation Eradication. There are also some rich rarities to be found in the package – alongside seven tracks available for the first time on CD. And it’s always a treat to hear some material from the legendary John Peel BBC Radio shows – and this release doesn’t disappoint here either – with 4 of the artist’s best known tracks given the royal treatment.

Arguably, the package’s highlight is that it offers one the opportunity of seeing the artist in his prime (via DVD, at the aforementioned Sunsplash event). Here the Mouse explains the origins of his stage name, before launching into the beautifully brass embellished Ganja Smuggling, with For Hire and Removal, Neutron Bomb, Assassinator, and Wa Do Dem following hot on the heels thereof. The quality of the filming and recording herein are top notch and well worthy of a viewing, as the six foot six inch vocalist struts and towers over the renowned Sagittarius Band. And the real enthusiasts will be delighted at the inclusion of a twelve page booklet furnishing all the background information on the artist’s development and the package’s musical content.

This release is suffused with the singer’s engaging echo and bounce style – a style that is ever earnest, frequently flippant, yet sometimes serious and sensitive. Reflecting the artist’s confidence, it is always assertive. The compilation – which closes one side with the timely Christmas A Come (reflecting the plight of the sufferah in high spending season) would make a nice addition to the Christmas stocking of all roots and dancehall enthusiasts. Because they sure don’t come like Eek A Mouse anymore.


Release details

Eek A Mouse - Eek-Ology: Reggae Anthology

Eek A Mouse - Eek-Ology: Reggae Anthology

2CD / DVD [17 North Parade]

Release date: 11/05/2013


01. Virgin Girl ^
02. Once A Virgin ^
03. Een A Moy ^
04. Creation *
05. My Father's Land *
06. No Wicked Can’t Reign *
07. Noah’s Ark
08. Wa-Do-Dem
09. Tell Them
10. Falling Heroes
11. Ganja Smuggling
12. Operation Eradication (12” mix)
13. Georgie Porgie
14. Do You Remember (12” mix)
15. For Hire And Removal (12” mix)
16. Christmas-a-Come

01. Sensee Party
02. Some A Holla, Some A Bawl
03. Neutron Bomb
04. Anarexol (12” mix)
05. Modelling Queen
06. Stadium Hot
07. Terrorist in the City
08. Wa-Do-Dem (BBC John Peel session) ^
09. Hitler (BBC John Peel session) ^
10. Assassinator (BBC John Peel session) ^
11. For Hire And Removal (BBC John Peel session) ^
12. Star, Daily News & Gleaner
13. Wild Like a Tiger
14. Taller Than King Kong
15. Rude Boys A Foreign
16. Tek Wey
17. Let There Be Night

* First time available
^ First time available on CD

DVD 'Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1982'
1. Ganja Smuggling
2. For Hire And Removal
3. Neutron Bomb
4. Assassinator
5. Wa-Do-Dem


Side A
1. Once A Virgin
2. Virgin Girl
3. Een A Moy
4. Creation *
5. No Wicked Can’t Reign *
6. My Father’s Land *
Side B
1. Rude Boys A Foreign
2. Taller Than King Kong
3. Tell Them   
4. Neutron Bomb
5. For Hire And Removal

*First time available