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Album Review: Earthkry - Survival


by Gardy Stein

Album Review: Earthkry - Survival

Their debut album is here! While, a few years ago, hardly anyone knew the new Kingston formation called EarthKry, today they have built up a small but stable following which is constantly growing and, especially after playing three months in Qatar, not confined to Jamaica anymore. With Survival, they both demonstrate their willingness and ability to deliver professionally, and their uncompromising dedication to Roots Reggae Music. As much as the Edna Manley College is their reason for being, having met and studied there, they credit their artistic development to the sadly deceased Nambo Robinson, who took them to "Reggae College" and helped the young band to "focus on the feel and sound of reggae", as they themselves put it.

And is there any better way to let his input live on for future generations than in the form of an album? Survival is one of these rare releases that take your breath away from the first time you press Play and then grows with every new round of listening, so much so that I can't decide which of the twelve tracks is my personal favourite. At first hearing, I thought New Leaf would be it, with a horn section that makes you melt away (played by Sheldon Palmer, Everton Pessoa, Kenroy Banfield and Hopeton Williams), let alone the lyrics that singer Aldayne Haughton skilfully drapes over the melodic instrumental. After hearing the tracks all over again, Keep Dreaming has crept up and taken deep root in my heart as well – oh this soulful piano, oh that sweet vocal to sing along to! Or maybe it is Liberation Time with its underlining Nyabinghi beat ("Like an eagle on the mountain we will rise…"), or Live Good, in which we are reminded to do just that as long as we can. Or else the hopeful Table Turn, in which drummer Keiron Cunningham and bassie Kamardo Blake not only play their instruments fantastically, but also sing the backing vocals.

The title track is dedicated to everyone struggling for survival, especially in countries where war is still blatantly raging. Sad enough, the list of these enumerated in the song is quite long, but before we can despair, Philosophy is there to soothe us. Move On, an uplifting piece that tells us to face our obstacles and keep going no matter what, picks up the beautiful chords of Marley's Sun Is Shining. "The man that moves a mountain starts with the smallest stone." Meaningful are these words, reassuring and full of teachings.

The recording studios Tads, Harry J and Irie Yute as well as Keyboarder Philip McFarlane, who did the mixing, did a great job of bringing the almost Wailers-like feel of the band across. You will relish this one, promise. Survival is an album destined for high rotation and soul healing!

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Earthkry - Survival

Earthkry - Survival


Release date: 06/30/2017


01. Survival System

02. Philosophy

03. Move On

04. Wake Up and Live

05. Live Good

06. Wild Fire

07. Liberation Time

08. Table Turn

09. New Leaf

10. Do What You Got To Do

11. Praise Jah

12. Keep Dreaming