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Festiville 2017 - Reggaeville Festival Guide out now!


Festiville 2017 - Reggaeville Festival Guide out now!

Every year, that first day you can leave your house without a jacket on heralds the coming of summer. And every summer, that Festiville Magazine heralds the coming of a season filled with music, sun and magic! To make sure you are well equipped for Survival on your quest for the Black Gold, here are 178 pages of words, images and powers to reverse your Chronology, travel from Havana to Kingston or let your Contraband thrive.

The informed ones among you have of course noticed that we hid some album titles here, and apart from taking a glimpse at the goodness coming your way by the likes of EarthKry, Samory I, Chronixx, Mista Savona and Kabaka Pyramid, we prised some interesting facts about life, the universe and all the rest out of these and other artists in the interview section.

And yeees, of course we‘ll have a look at the festivals, too - a comprehensive one! Next to the usual when, where and who of 100+ Reggae Music Celebrations around the globe, we congratulate the Reggae Sumfest to its 25th edition with photographic impressions from way back in 2006. Looking back is what Ziggy Marley does as well, sharing his thoughts and feelings about the 40th anniversary of his Dad‘s album Exodus with us and discussing the release of its 2017 version. We add to that and present you with a chapter of the soon-to-be-released book So Much Things To Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley.