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Production Duo DizTroy @ OnStage TV

11/08/2016 by Gardy Stein

Production Duo DizTroy @ OnStage TV

On the recent edition of OnStage, Winford Williams talks with to producer-duo DizTroy. They explain how well people respond to their fresh sound, on sexy display right now with the video Mystic Strings featuring dancer-turned-singer Mystic Davis. "Dancehall is our roots. There is a lot of Trap influence too, because of that heavy bass which comes from Dancehall… we just try to create a new, futuristic sound."

The dream-team is made up of Troy Baker (UK) and Dale "Dizzle" Virgo who is based in Port Antonio, where their creations see the light of day at Jon Baker's Geejam Studios.

Asked what they think about the current trend to include Jamaican Dancehall sounds in international mainstream music, they simply state: "It's positive because… you know, people have always been a fan of Jamaican music. And now that influence is coming out in a lot of artist's output. When you listen to Jamaican music, it takes you right to Jamaica. That's the vibes people want!"

Watch the interview here: