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Reggaevival - Walshy Fire & Reggaeville Launch New Mixtape Series


Reggaevival - Walshy Fire & Reggaeville Launch New Mixtape Series

Walshy Fire presents the REGGAEVIVAL mixtape series, a collaboration with Reggaeville.com. The debut artist on the series is Di Ruption. Rapid pace song changes mean a rammed sampling of Di Ruption’s catalog, with the artist calling selector Walshy Fire to wheel and come again as the mix takes the form of a live sound system performance. 

On the REGGAEVIVAL mixtape, Di Ruption rides classic one drop riddims and chants over modern  grooves. As the artist explains “All of my music is based on my reality.” Vivid storytelling, reality tunes, each with an unforgettable chorus and punchline and uplifting cultural messages are delivered with soaring vocals in a tone that flexes like Bolt.

Di Ruption’s breakout hit, Trodding Alone is featured, a boom tune in the form of a cautionary tale to stay focused on progressive thoughts and actions and self-preservation by going it alone and not getting caught up in drama with others. The concerns of the less fortunate, romantic themes and a call for positive movements for all of humanity are chanted from a humble person full of self-knowledge and maturity about the real world and its challenges.

Hailing from the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica, Di Ruption has gained notoriety and love as a local celebrity within his parish and beyond. The artist’s stage name comes from his tendency to cause “ruption” in patois, to disrupt or shake up things. Di Ruption’s star is on the rise, combining a strong worth ethic, a grounded outlook and high professional standards, the artist alongside his label/production crew Elite Generation are paced for success.

Walshy Fire has partnered with up and coming reggae artists to create mix tapes that expose their music and songwriting and freestyle talents to the masses. Artists like Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal have all produced sets with Walshy that represent their material “inna dancehall style”. A member of the group Major Lazer, modeled on sound system culture, Walshy toured with Black Chiney sound where he began the journey creating mix tapes and mash ups. 

Listen to the REGGAEVIVAL Mixtape premiere feat. DI RUPTION below...

01. How It Feel
02. Bring Back The Old Days
03. Trodding Alone
04. Moving On
05. Sunshine
06. Difference
07. I C U N Me
08. Gwalla Tree
09. Ghost
10. Vanity Things
11. Luv Mi Life
12. Inna Dissa Breeze
13. See Fi Tonight
14. Fake Family
15. Campari & Malta
16. No More Pain
17. Just One Song