Dennis Brown ADD

Dennis Brown - Satisfaction Feeling (Deluxe Edition)


Release date: 02/28/2020


01. Here I Come / Love & Hate (Extended Version)
02. If This World Were Mine (Extended Version)
03. Stop the Fighting
04. The Promise Land (Extended Version)
05. Inseparable
06. You Are (1983 radio mix)
07. Oh Girl
08. My Best Girl
09. I Like It Like That
10. Since I’ve Been Loving You
11. Your Love Is a Blessing
12. Give Me Your Loving
13. Caress Me Girl
14. Praise Without Raise
15. No Man is an Island (Extended Version)
16. Cherry Love
17. Rub a Dub All the Time
18. I Play Rub a Dub All the Time feat. Anthony Cruz
19. Satisfaction Feeling (Extended Version)
20. You Are (1983 club mix)
21. Easy, Take It Easy (Extended Version)
22. How Sweet It Is (Extended Version)
23. The Look Of Love
24. Don’t Want To Be a General
25. Armagedon (Extended Version)
26. Unite Brotherman
27. Bobby Socks To Stocking (Extended Version)
28. Anyway You Want It (Extended Version)

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