Damian Marley ADD

Damian Marley - Junior Gong

Damian Marley - Junior Gong

CD [A'zip Music]

Release date: 07/01/1996


01. Love and Inity
02. Ten Thousand Chariots feat. Stephen Marley
03. Old War Chant (Vietman)
04. Rain A Go Fall feat. Dillinger
05. Kingston 12 feat. Stephen Marley
06. Keep On Grooving feat. Stephen Marley
07. One Cup of Coffee feat. Stephen Marley
08. Julie feat. Stephen Marley
09. Me Name Jr. Gong
10. Mr. Marley (Original Version)
11. Now You Know feat. Julian Marley


Produced by

Damian Marley / Stephen Marley