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Review, Photos & Video: Damian Marley @ Dub Club in LA 6/29/2011

06/30/2011 by Jan Salzman

Review, Photos & Video: Damian Marley @ Dub Club in LA 6/29/2011

Damian Marley - The Dub Club @ The Echoplex in Los Angeles, California 6/29/2011

The night started with electricity in the air as there was a very special guest that would be chatting on the mike…none other than Damian” Jr. Gong” Marley. Every Wednesday night at The Dub Club the sound system blares with rocking rub-a-dub style reggae. Local chanters, Jah Faith, Ras Benji, and Razz Tazz, take to the mike with their conscious lyrics in an atmosphere of positive vibrations. The attendee’s of the Dub Club love to dance and the club was packed as a hint went out on Facebook about the special guest this night. Head mixmaster, Tom Chasteen was at the controls when there began an infusion of Bob Marley songs…Could You Be Loved, Three Little Birds…when he started to play War a presence emerged next to Tom…Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley had taken to the stage with mike in hand.

At first, four time Grammy winner, Damian Marley, just interjected a few words and grooved to the music. He was wearing all black and the stage was pretty dark with the exception of the camera flashes going off in the crowd. Damian began his sound system set with Jah Army, a song he performed on Stephen Marley’s new CD, “Revelation Pt. 1, The Root of Life”. Next, another one of his song collaborations with Stephen, The Mission. The massive crowd sang along in unison as Damian belted out his masterful poetic lyrics…Shoot Out, Road to Zion, Jamrock…he sang lots of the favorite songs from his repertoire, with a few “Pull Ups” at the beginning of some of the songs, which only added excitement as it teased the audience.

The whole stage was crowded with people. I spotted Damian’s bass player and good friend, Shiah Coore, his manager, Dan Dalton, flag waver, Donovan, and the entire Dub Club posse. Toward the end of the set the DJ played some classic reggae riddims. Damian would listen for a few minutes, and then made up lyrics on the spot to chant along with the riddims. The exceptionally talented Damian Marley, treated us lucky enough to be there, to a night we will never forget!

I was soaking wet from perspiration and had to clean my lens a number of times as it was fogging up from the body heat in the tightly packed club. I cooled off for a little while before heading home listening to Damians’ latest release, Distant Relatives.

Check out the photos HERE and watch a video-clip: