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Extra! Extra! Read all about it... Jamrock Cruise, Vybz Kartel & Skateboarding in Jamaica

11/24/2016 by Gardy Stein

Extra! Extra! Read all about it... Jamrock Cruise, Vybz Kartel & Skateboarding in Jamaica

In a brand-new regular, Reggaeville brings to your attention instances of ReReRe's (Reggae-related references) from media around the globe. Follow us on a breath-taking trip through the growing popularity of the genre and feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below!

Raising Reggae's Sails: Damian Marley's Welcome to Jamrock Cruise Grows Into Genre's Premiere Event

Most recently, the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise made it to the Billboard Magazine. In a recapitulation of the trip, author Patricia Meschino looks behind the scenes and makes us aware of some interesting facts: "With its comprehensive presentation of Jamaican music, The Welcome to Jamrock Cruise has in three years developed from an untested concept for reggae into, arguably, the genre's premier event. This year marks the cruise's maiden voyage on the 15-deck Independence of the Seas, which boasts 1,817 cabins and a dizzying array of amenities (…)."

She also spoke to several artists, manager Dan Dalton and of course the cruise's founder Damian Marley: "From core street artists to acts on the international circuit, from elders to upcoming youths, we make sure our line-up has an even representation.", he says about the wide span of this year's performers. The success of the event, which was sold-out well in advance three years in a row now, can be seen as a positive signal for Jamaican music. Says Meschino: "The Jamrock cruise's success provides proof of reggae's popularity and, more importantly, its economic viability despite the genre's limited mainstream visibility and modest record sales."
READ THE FULL ARTICLE @ BILLBOARD.com [Published 11/23/2016]

Vybz Kartel Speaks: After Five Years in Prison, He Still Rules Dancehall
A long article dedicated to the impact incarcerated Vybz Kartel has on Dancehall until today recently appeared in the Rolling Stone. Author Jesse Serwer reflects on the artist's amazing output, with new tracks appearing almost weekly: "How, exactly, Kartel has maintained such productivity while behind bars remains something of a mystery. Many dancehall fans presume he must be recording in prison, covertly cutting vocals through a cellphone app. (…) Musicians usually become enigmas by disappearing or holding back, but Vybz Kartel has become one by being impossibly present through his incarceration.

Even though Kartel publicly denies that he is recording in jail, the most recent call-and-answer games he plays with opponent Mavado tell a different story and, according to Serwer, might be the reason behind his transfer to the maximum-security Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility.
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Just Skate: A Jamaican Skateboard Story
From behind bars to the streets of Jamaica: Danielle Howe presents an amazing project called Just Skate, launched by London-based sports-enthusiast William Willson. He accompanied a Kingston-based group of Skaters, among them Paris LaMont, keyboarder in Protoje's band Indiggnation. In a daily quest for new skating areas, they even take to the city's gullies in order to avoid police harassment. "Strange, right? In a country involved in so many different sports on a global scale it is surprising that the island is without a skate park. (…) It could be a way for underprivileged youths to learn a skill and stay away from the criminal futures beaconing to them daily." says Howe in her RedBull-article, explaining the need for a safe space for practicing. And who knows, if Willson's project is quickly implemented, maybe a first generation of Jamaican skaters will participate in the 2020 Olympics, for which Skateboarding was announced an official discipline. "Their skills are phenomenal given the places they have been practicing. (…)All of these skaters were self-taught." enthuses Howe. Read the article to see some phenomenal pictures or watch the video below.
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