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Damian Marley Converting Prison into a Marijuana Farm


Damian Marley Converting Prison into a Marijuana Farm

Last month Damian Marley opened a Stony Hill dispensary in Denver and recently the second announcement in the Cannabis space was made.

Damian Marley Partners with Ocean Grown
[Press Release - October 2016]

Ocean Grown Extracts, a California-local family owned and operated cannabis company, has announced a partnership with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley to grow cannabis in a former California prison. Marley and the company will convert the 77,000- square-foot space on twenty acres in Coalinga, California into a large city-permitted, and state-compliant, medical marijuana cultivation, manufacturing and testing facility. The goal is to work closely with both the city of Coalinga and the state of California to become the model cannabis facility that embraces safety and regulation.

This new joint venture, along with the purchase of the prison, will lift the city of Coalinga out of debt, and provide 100 local jobs in the first year of operation. The new facility is expected to generate a tax revenue of over a million dollars a year for Coalinga.

Said Ocean Grown Extracts founder Kelly Dalton, "Damian is our perfect partner, who operates with integrity and shares in our belief in the amazing medicinal benefits of the plant.  He is honest, humble and always puts quality first. We were honored that he has been involved in every step of our journey."

Said Damian Marley, "Many people have sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up. If this helps people and it's used for medicinal purposes and inspires people, it's a success."

Ocean Grown Extracts has earned a reputation as a leading producer of pure cannabis extracts with award-winning cannabis flower. Last week in Los Angeles, CA, the company debuted a new Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley Speak Life cannabis vapor pen, in conjunction with their partnership with the GRAMMY® Award-winning reggae artist. Ocean Grown Extracts' trusted PhD chemist worked closely with Marley in taking the original "O.G." (Ocean Grown) strain of the highest-quality cannabis plant to produce a proprietary extract that is a clean, pure, consistently dosed medicine called "Speak Life," which is available in the form of a vapor pen.

Developed with a deep respect for Marley, Speak Life includes a starter kit, vapor pen and cartridge. With the lowest defect and leakage rate in the industry, Ocean Grown Extracts' exceptionally formulated cartridges combine great taste, impressive potency and a reliable battery. Cartridges are always lab-tested for quality with a full cannabinoid and terpene analysis.

The news of Damian's partnership with Ocean Grown follows the artist's recent announcement of his partnership with Colorado-based cannabis leader, Tru Cannabis, for the brand new Stony Hill dispensary in Denver, CO. Ocean Grown Extracts products are currently available in 50 stores in Washington and California and will soon be available in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. Please visit oceangrownextracts.com for a specific list of current locations.

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"The council also approved the sale of the city’s dormant prison, Claremont Custody Center, to Ocean Grown Extracts for $4.1 million. Ocean Grown will transform the prison into a medical cannabis oil extraction plant."