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Vogue Goes Jamaica


Vogue Goes Jamaica

The world's most famous fashion magazine VOGUE put out an extensive feature about Reggae. The lead article with focus on the Reggae Revival titled „Meet The Millennial Musicians Behind Jamaica’s New Movement“ introduces Chronixx, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Kelissa and Billy Mystic of The Mystic Revealers. It contains also a video documentary: On Tour With Jamaica’s Reggae Revival. Watch it and check out the full list of articles below...

Jamaican author Dutty Bookman, who gave the movement it’s name and also registered Reggae Revival as a trademark was proud to be mentioned in the Vogue’s feature when it came out, but two days later he expressed his disappointment about the way the lead article described Haile Selassie:

To publish that “the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie was a prophet” – to call His Imperial Majesty a mere prophet – almost negates the entire rest of the article, sadly. It says to me that, while people in the wider world may be excited about the Reggae Revival, they may not fully get the Reggae Revival. They understand but they do not overstand.Read the full comment named VOGUE AND OUR REVIVAL from Dutty Bookman’s blog here!

In total this Jamaica special contains 17 articles:


Watch the video: On Tour With Jamaica’s Reggae Revival