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NO Chronixx Concert In Paris, France @ Cabaret Sauvage - October 6, 2018


NO Chronixx Concert In Paris, France @ Cabaret Sauvage - October 6, 2018

It just came to our attention, that there is a big fraud happening with an announced concert of Chronixx. It’s scheduled for this week: October 6th, 2018 in Paris, France @ Cabaret Sauvage.
The event was announced back in July and tickets went on sale on all official ticket outlets.

Chronixx (via his official Facebook page) made the fans aware of this fraud already in July and again last week. Team Chronixx informed the venue as well, but the Cabaret Sauvage refused to take it down and tickets are still available. 

We have compiled the official statements by Chronixx here:

JULY 27, 2018 - Chronixx Facebook post
#Scamalert French massive - don't buy ticket for chronixx's concert announced in Paris @ wild cabaret - this is a fraud!! N buy no ticket for the concert announced in Paris at the wild cabaret, c is fraud!!

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 - Chronixx Facebook post
Chronixx won't happen in Paris on October 6th, it's a scam, buy no ticket. 

OCTOBER 1, 2018 - Chronixx Facebook comment 
Sincerely apology to all the people that bought their tickets already, we really hope that you can get your money back - The venue has been informed since July when we found out a show in Paris was announced but the venue has refused to take the date down as they receive a deposit from the " promoter ". As Chronixx's fans you know that if we plan a European tour it would be post on social networks, you also know the poster won't be looking like this.

UPDATE: CONCERT OFFICIALLY CANCELLED - Facebook Event post with automatic translation
Victims of several acts of sabotage that have hurt the organization of the concert at the Cabaret Sauvage, on 06 October 2018.
Not being able to hold this concert safely and in a serene atmosphere.
We regret to inform you that we are forced to cancel it.
Those who bought the tickets can get them back at the point of sale where they took them.
Thank you for your understanding.

Make sure to check for all confirmed dates! Currently the only confirmed show in Europe is on November 11 together with Protoje in London, UK @ Alexandra Palace

This concert in Paris is obviously not a misunderstanding or a double booking as it sometimes happens, but a very bad scam and a rip off on purpose. An additional proof is this fake audio drop, which was posted only some days ago (September 25) on the venue's official Youtube channel. Someone impersonates Chronixx to confirm this fake show. Listen below...
UPDATE - OCTOBER 5, 2018: The fake audio drop was removed from Youtube! We were able to archive it for you…