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Neville Garrick - Rest In Power (July 28, 1950 - November 14, 2023)



REST IN POWER Neville Garrick [July 28, 1950 - November 14, 2023]

Official Statement by the Family:
"With profound sadness, we inform you of the peaceful transition of our beloved Neville, after a brief but brave fight with cancer. Your prayers for our family during this challenging time are deeply appreciated as we come to terms with this great loss.

Neville was a Jamaican graphic artist and visual designer, renowned for his extraordinary contributions to the world of music and art. He was most recognized for his Award Winning work as Art Director for Bob Marley, creating timeless artwork covers and designs that are still being recognized globally today."

BURNING SPEAR: "My brother Mr. Neville Garrick sleep in Peace. You are one of the Irie man also a one love man that's the way we use to function as one. Your work on HAIL HIM speaks for itself. Jah Rastafari.. Sleep in Peace my brother.. sleep in peace.."

ZIGGY MARLEY: "Brother Neville Garrick spent the last year with us from England to Jamaica working on his good friend Bob Marley biopic . His energy was high his affect was positive advising the director and the whole production. He wanted to make sure it was done right. He was the light of the production everyone loved hearing his stories and heeding his insights. Without him it could not have been done, It was a continuation of the work he did for my father and the strong friendship they had with each other. i’ve known Neville since I was a little boy and grew up with him around, to have spent these moments with him working on One Love Movie meant more to me than can be explained at this time. Having my father’s close friend around was a special experience and knowing we became good friends is the bonus. nuff love to his children and friends we can truly and happily say his legacy will live on. Thank you Garrick. JAH"

STEEL PULSE: "Steel Pulse reaches out to all our friends, fans and family, as we pay tribute to the man that has a been that major visual backdrop for virtually all the iconic reggae albums known to man. This man is none other than Neville Garrick. Neville passed away only hours ago after fighting a long illness of cancer. We are here amazed that during this battle he was able to play an integral part in the product of the new Bob Marley film that is due to be released some time, in 2024. To be overwhelmed with sadness to know that Neville is no longer here with us in the flesh to attend its premier, is an understatement. We have always credited Mr Garrick for giving reggae that visual identity that the world immediately embraced. To put it bluntly, there would be no Marley Empire without Garrick because it was through his visuals one was able to be more hands on with what the Bob Marley/Rastafari experience was really about. The same for Steel Pulse too. The artwork for “Earth Crisis” and “Babylon The Bandit,” were his “Midas Touch.” They depicted both title tracks down to the T. The last I saw Neville, was during his birthday day period, a few month ago; showing me all the projects on his social media device he intended to work on once he was on the mend. This man had far more talent than you can ever imagine. Steel Pulse’s heart goes out to his son in his footsteps, Nesta, and the rest of the family. Neville, the man with such an incredible mind, farewell. RIP RIP."

CAT COORE (THIRD WORLD): "I call Neville Garrick uncle..as a young musician I was introduced to the Wailers ..the rest is history to say the least..I knew Bob well and through him I met Neville he was so bright and artistic and articulate..he immediately imposed his big brother relationship and remained so since his sad passing ..he was truly a wonderful big brother..uncle..and love to all the family especially Collett who has been my friend for 50 years bless Nesta , Naomi and all .. Love Always, Uncle Cat"

CINDY BREAKSPEARE: "Rest well my Brother Neville. What can I say... after more than 40 years if friendship, I cannot bid you farewell without speaking of your devotion & contribution to Reggae music and Bob's career! You impacted so greatly on the way the world saw him aesthetically... album jackets, stage backdrops, lighting etc. Not to mention that you were his most trusted confidant & friend, supporting him to the very end!! I am so happy you received your richly deserved recognition both locally and internationally; FLY HIGH , your talent, creativity & gentle spirit will always be remembered with LOVE!! JAH GUIDE... RASTAFARI!! Ever Living, Ever Faithful, Ever Sure!!!"

HARRISON STAFFORD (GROUNDATION): "When Groundation's art director Giovanni Maki was not available for our 9th studio album "A Miracle" back in 2014 there was only one person I wanted to work with, Neville Garrick. For my entire musical life it was his artwork, his album covers and packaging that I spent so many hours of my youth looking at. His use of color and mixed media was absolutely brilliant. Not to mention the fact that it would complete A Miracle's legacy with its connection to Bob Marley's Wailers with the album having featurings from both Jody Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths of the I-Threes. Together with his son Nesta, Neville Garrick created something so unique and powerful that as soon as I saw it I said "Yes, that is it!" With the sad passing of Neville Garrick the world of creativity and vision has lost a pioneer...we will celebrate him always. Our condolences to Nesta and his beautiful family, you are in our hearts...Thank you Neville...fly home and be at rest."


"Graphic designer and friend of Bob Marley who created the sleeve artwork for many of the reggae star’s albums, including Exodus." Full article @ The Guardian

"Jamaican graphic artiste and photographer Neville Garrick, who was most recognised for his award-winning work as art director for reggae legend Bob Marley, has died. Garrick passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Tuesday night in California “after a very brief, but brave fight with cancer”, his family announced in a release. He was 73." Full article @ JAMAICA OBSERVER

"Jamaican graphic artist and visual designer, Kenneth Neville Anthony Garrick, who was most recognised for his award-winning work as art director for Bob Marley, has died." Full article @ JAMAICA GLEANER

"Garrick passed away on November 14, in California, after a very brief fight with cancer, his family shared in a statement. He was most known for his award-winning work as art director for Bob Marley, creating timeless artwork covers and designs that are still being recognized globally today." Full article @ CARIBBEAN NATIONAL WEEKLY