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Artist Highlights @ Yearbook 2021 by Burning Spear, Million Stylez & Yaksta


Artist Highlights @ Yearbook 2021 by Burning Spear, Million Stylez & Yaksta

We just released our annual YEARBOOK and again several artists told us about their highlights of 2021. The highlight by legendary Burning Spear was not only a looking back, but he revealed plans to perform again in 2022:

"First, I-man Winston Rodney, also known as Burning Spear, would like to thank all my fans world-wide who continued to express their love and support in 2021. My fans help to keep the Spear burning, and I-man is ever grateful to each and every one.

In November 2021 I released the song Mommy, my first single in almost ten years. The reception from press, radio, fans, friends and all forms of media has been so positive and so rewarding. My thanks to all who supported and continue to support Mommy.

This song was written long before the COVID pandemic, yet the lyrics are so relevant to today‘s problems and struggles. „In a time like now, everything is hard.“

In 2021 I was able to provide some support to the people of the Train Line community in Portmore, as well as gifts to the children‘s hospital in my home parish of St. Ann‘s, and home-cooked meals for those in the local infirmary. Through the good works of the man called Zazan, and his charity in Jamaica, Spread the Love a Move, I‘ve been able to give back to my roots. Helping people who need, not who wants.

I spent a good part of 2021 contemplating the release of the album No Destroyer, as well as doing 10 live shows for my fans around the world. In terms of I-man going on the road, there is much to consider. As the new year of 2022 is just beginning, we will see what makes sense, and what we can actually manifest.

Just knowing that my fans check for Burning Spear with the love and enthusiasm that they do, remains an inspiration to me for which I‘m ever grateful."

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