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Statement by Bunny Wailer: Studio One Home of The Wailers Needs A Resolution for Jamaica's Music Industry


Statement by Bunny Wailer: Studio One Home of The Wailers Needs A Resolution for Jamaica's Music Industry

Bunny Wailer Statement - October 1st 2011

Clement Dodd Jr. Makes His Move - About Time! Studio One Home Of The Wailers needs a Resolution for Jamaica's Music Industry


So much mismanagement of The Wailers has occurred because this vast and important catalog has not had the proper administration in place.  We will be looking to work with Clement Dodd Jr. his siblings and the Administrator General of Jamaica on correcting the past abuses that can be most noted in how Chris Blackwell/Island Records whose first contact with The Wailers was in being a UK licensee of Studio One firstly subverted this company's interest by not paying proper label royalties to Studio one, subverted these and The Wailers joint ventured works with Leslie Kong and Lee Perry into Trojan Records forming and personally designing the basis for the piracy of The Wailers recordings, now in the Guiness Book of Records as the most pirated catalog in the world, and from this vantage point took over The Wailers work, title, interest from Robert Marley as a founding member of The Wailers and manipulated The Wailers title Bob Marley & The Wailers into Bob Marley as a solo performer, created a Wailers Band of musicians, to further shadow his interest of robbing The Wailers rights and stored all of this in his 'Blue Mountain Music Publishing Interest Conglomerate.

No where is this better revealed than in the song of the century 'One Love' that has been attributed solely to Bob Marley, where this song was originally recorded and owned by The Wailers under Studio One, traded by Island Records under Chris Blackwell and then re-recorded by him under Island/Bob Marley, republished under Blue Mountain Publising, where I Bunny Wailer receive no credit or royalties.

I would ask all the fans of Bob Marley and The Marleys' to read all of their related bios and zone in on the section that seeks to explain his transition from The Wailers to his solo career of Bob Marley & The Wailers and there subsequent renaming of all of the Companies and Works of The Wailers as Bob Marley, all at the behest and manipulation of Chris Blackwell/Island Records.

The current case with The Marleys and Universal Music Group in New York about Bob Marley to go to jury trial in December 2012 is not about them, if you look at the witness list for their defense every person is an employee of Chris Blackwell who created, sold and continues to trade Bob Marley.  The chief one being his Chief Financial Officer Tom Hayes the head of Polygram at the time who bought Island Records, Alain Levy etc. etc.  The Marley Family are being paraded as lackey's in his charade.


Fifty-Six Hope Road Music - UMG Recordings Inc.

PDFs @ courthousenews.com

UMG's Memorandum of Law in Support of it's Motions In Limine
Third Amended Complaint

This is not in any way a critique of Robert Marley or his family, but of the manipulation that this family and ultimately his fans has been subjected to by Chris Blackwell, with me asking the question as to who most benefited from the passing of my dear brother and labelmate and the unanswered questions relating to both his death and that of my other company and group member Peter Tosh.  This is why I have publicly stated that I Bunny Wailer do not recognize the name Bob Marley and ask the question who is Bob Marley as this name and title is being used to defraud Robert Marley and his family and ultimately his fans.  Just do research and recognize that all companies titled Bob Marley Inc., Bob Marley Stitchting Foundation in Europe etc. etc. are all either owned and controlled by Chris Blackwell.

We therefore look for a lot of justice and clarification under the new administration of Studio One with Clement Dodd Jr. and The Administrator General of Jamaica and from the campaign of The Wailers 50th Anniversary and Jamaica's 50th Anniversary of Independence from Colonial Britain to remove and make our collective Wailers family independent from the yoke of Lord Christopher Blackwell - colonial slavemaster leftover extraordinaire!


Junior Dodd Makes His Move [Jamaica Gleaner - September 25th 2011]


One Love
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