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Reggaeville Yearbook 2021

01/21/2022 by Gardy Stein

Reggaeville Yearbook 2021

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that everything will pass. This is true for time and for people, but for situations and difficulties as well. Indeed, 2021 was not an easy year for reasons we are all too aware of, and many people, including the entertainment industry, suffered both professional and personal losses - but now, it has passed. Time to look ahead with hope, and time to look back with love. In „the same procedure as every year“ (quote from the legendary Dinner For One), Reggaeville devotes the 118 Yearbook pages to the big bad 2021, tracing its highs and lows and, of course, its music in our annual Yearbook magazine.

The occasion for the beautiful cover artwork by Angelina Mühlberg [IG @angelina_visualart] is a sad one, as the artists so vividly depicted in watercolor are not with us anymore. Bunny Wailer, Lee Scratch Perry, U-Roy and Robbie Shakespeare are among the many souls we‘ve lost in 2021 and are remembered in a special tribute feature. Rest in eternal powers, legends! We all are now guardians of your legacy.

Our own legacy has received an utterly unexpected boost when the Jamaican Reggae Industry Association aka JaRIA reached out to us to ask for our participation in their conferment ceremony on July 4th. On that day, Reggaeville received the prestigious award in the category Extraordinary Impact On The Music Industry: New Media. You can imagine how proud this makes the whole Team Reggaeville!

With artists spending more time in studio than on tour, a lot of spectacular releases have seen the light of day, easing our minds, giving us hope and making us smile. Much appreciloved, dear singers, artists and players of instruments! Their creations are presented to you in chronological order from January to December, as always complemented with (links to) album reviews, photos, news and interviews, allowing you to look back on 2021 music-wise.

Another way of looking back on last year‘s music is our ALBUM OF THE YEAR poll. 47 releases were up for voting, and guess who won the Top Prize? Alkaline! He is followed by Danakil (Rien Ne Se Tait) and Bob Marley & The Wailers (The Capitol Session ‘73) - you‘ll find all the results on pages 114/115.

Team Reggaeville is extremely grateful for the growth in reach, for new music and for everyone contributing to another Reggae circle around the sun - meticulously documented in this Yearbook. And for YOU of course, dear readers, as we exist because of your interest. Here we are, Year of the Tiger, so hear us ROARRRR!