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Bunny Wailer's 73rd EarthStrong Celebration - Survival Of The Fittest

04/09/2020 by Press Release

Bunny Wailer's 73rd EarthStrong Celebration - Survival Of The Fittest

WAIL Entertainment announces “Survival Of The Fittest” Celebrating The 73rd EarthStrong Of The Hon. Bunny Wailer OM, April 10, 2020

Friday April 10, 2020 is the 73rd Earthstrong of the Hon. Neville O’riley Livingston OM, OJ, CD pka Bunny Wailer. This year the celebrations are reflective as it falls on ‘Bad Friday’ and the anniversary of the Coral Gardens massacre of his fellow Rastafari brothers and sisters within the confines of the COVID-19 social distancing.

Having suffered a mild stroke challenging his speech communication, Jah B's immense archival legacy has sprung into being, giving us glimpses of what is to come from the interrogation of this giant of a being, while he is still here meditatively and mystically functioning amongst us.

Just a month ago for the closing of Reggae Month in February, he was celebrated at the JARIA Awards [view photo report here] and we were more than expecting to build on this celebration as we have advocated for April to be Rastafari Month, highlighting the Faith and cultural contribution to national and global ascendancy from a community as well as artistic perspective. And also the launch of the 50th Anniversary of The Wailers Soul Rebels Tribute and The Wailers Trio Tribute group featuring his son Asadenaki Wailer, Blvk H3ro & Written.

Survivor/Survival is the theme that comes to mind as we integrate his life choices, messages and spiritual currency into the great challenge and opportunity of this Pandemic. We are retooling our actions to support all that is good and beneficial for the community base of Rastafari and the underserved of humanity amidst the sacrifices that are and have been made. Mirroring the sacrifice and redemption within the historical context of this particular weekend.

Fitty Fitty is one of his endearing names as we celebrate his being a Survivor amongst us and bless each moment that we get to share as family, friends, peers, fans, people and humanity and herald his birth as one who has contributed and continues to contribute to those around him.

The launch of his website BunnyWailerMusic.com with a mini documentary and Social Media campaign speaks to what the future and strategy of his Legacy entails, that incorporates new catalog, publishing and IP deals will take place this Friday April 10th online. In the meantime, special mention must be made of the work being done by our healers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists all hospital, supermarket and security workers; True heroes in this crisis “Soul Rebels Salute”. We encourage Jamaica and the world to stay safe by practicing good hand hygiene, immunity building and of course stay safe and stay at home.

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