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Bunny Wailer - 70th Earthstrong Celebrations


Bunny Wailer - 70th Earthstrong Celebrations

Iconic Reggae music pioneer Hon. Neville ORiley Livingston OJ, CD pka Bunny Wailer (Jah B) surviving founding member of The Wailers also consisting of the Hon. Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley O.M. & the Hon. Winston Hubert Mcintosh O.M. pka Peter Tosh, achieves his milestone 70th Birthday this April 10th. Bunny Wailer, who has spent Jamaica 55 years in service to the development and preservation of Jamaica’s musical genres, was awarded the national honour Order of Jamaica in 2012 with a move on to upgrade as his peers to the Order Of Merit.

Jah B’s Earthstrong activities continues this Legacy of service and development as he uses the spotlight to support the inauguration of Rastafari Month, Ocean Sea Conservation Rights, Ganja Rights Advocacy and the inauguration of the Restoration of the Bournemouth Beach Park Entertainment Complex on Norman Manley Boulevard/East Kingston. These activities include:

1. Thursday April 6th a SeaStar Art Mixer tribute to The Wailers 6pm – 12pm
2. Friday April 7th, Dinner Dance Celebration launch of WailerSka Lifestyle Brand celebrating The Wailers & Skatalites 6pm – 12pm. As Ambassador in the Ocean/Sea Conservation Movement in collaboration with the Alligator Head Foundation and the One Love One Step 45 Day Walk around the Island of Jamaica. (The walkers arrive in Kingston for a media event)
3. Saturday April 8th, Beach Clean Up/Community Interactive Day and Session With The One Love One Step Initiative (Football/Fashion/Yoga)

Solomonic Circle Head Quarters – 10 Darley Crescent
4. Sunday April 9th – Media Launch of The Wailer’s Museum Celebrating The Life and Legacy of Bunny Wailer 10am – 10 pm

Bournemouth Beach Complex
5. Thursday April 20th – Launch of RASPECT Cause Campaign – A Jamaica/South Africa collaboration on Ganja Rights for which he is the Ambassador.
6. Saturday April 22nd – Bunny Wailer/Wailers Tribute One Love Concert 10pm - Until celebrating the 39th Anniversary of The One Love Peace Concert at the National Stadium in 1978.

The Wailers Legacy for the first time will be revealed in a never before seen exploration of the seminal role that Bunny Wailer and his father Thaddeus ‘Shut’ Livingston’s role in the foundation and history of The Wailers. This exploration carries the full history of the Jamaican people and culture from Maroon to Revival to Rastafari incorporating the history of Ganja, and shows the depth that informs Bunny Wailer’s group and solo career and his passion for the Rastafari Faith. The journey from East/West Kingston to Nine Miles where he meets and influences Robert Nesta Marley in the sleepy village of the Nine Mile community with musical instruments, gramophone and songs and then their family relationship in Trench Town where Thaddeus and Robert’s mother Cedella Booker have a daughter Pearl, and where Peter Tosh goes on to have a son, Andrew Tosh, with Bunny Wailer’s Shirley, gives a tapestry to his unshakable ownership of The Wailers, even as he goes on to inspire the world as Bunny Wailer.

He has preserved a Legacy of visual and audio assets that are to be released in his inaugural website WailersMuseum.com and a Cool Runnings international Brand advertisement campaign beginning in May is set to unleash a merchandising and biographical platform never before experienced of Bunny Wailer & The Wailers. “The Heights Of Great Men Reached And Kept Are Never Attained By Sudden Flight’ is set to be of immense value to the world interested in Rastafari Culture and Reggae Music as The Sleeping Giant of The Wailers Fame, Awakens!

All events are free to the public except the Dinner Dance on April 7th and the Wailers One Love Concert on April 22nd. The press is invited to attend and cover these events and share in our celebrations.

UPDATE, APRIL 20th via Bunny Wailer's Facebook page:

"Due To Circumstances Beyond I and I Control, The April 22nd WAILERS One Love Peace Concert, Celebrating The 39th Anniversary, Has Been Postponed To July 29th, 2017!"