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50th Anniversary of The Wailers in 2012


50th Anniversary of The Wailers in 2012

This is the 50th Anniversary of the Wailers from 1962 - 2012 tells Bunny Wailer as introduction to the Butterfly video collage you can watch below!



Bunny Wailer, Andrew Tosh and Ky-Mani Marley went to the studio and did a new version of the Wailers' tune Butterfly, which is available on iTunes.


This was only the start... much more to come in 2012... read this press release:




LEGENDARY WAILERS 50th Anniversary 2012-2014

  • Bunny Wailers Sings The Wailers World Tour 2012-14 To Africa featuring The Skatalites
  • Bunny Wailers Sings The Wailers 50 Track Boxed Set
  • The Wailers Legacy Boxed Set
  • Stolen Property Anti-Piracy Album CD
  • Butterfly Single featuring Reformed Wailers
  • Three The Zion Way Boxed Set featuring the solo work of Robert Marley, Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer
  • Documentaries on The Wailers, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh & Robert Marley respectively
  • Published books on The Wailers & Bunny Wailer respectively

Bunny Wailer, the living legend and survivor of The Wailers in reminiscence of The Wailers musical journey , from The Wailers catalog have selected and compiled for the 50th Anniversary campaign several related products and  has incorporated and established brands for facilitating the reclaimed products incorporating the intellectual properties of The Wailers creative artistry, authors, composers and moral rights for the future exploitation.

To be released in conjunction with The Wailers 50th Anniversary, it also incorporates the Bunny Wailers Sings The Wailers World Tour 2012-14 targeting Jamaica, Caribbean, South America, North America, Europe, Asia into Africa.  Celebrations and products will also include the revival and reformation of The Wailers incorporating the son of Marley, Ky-Mani, and Tosh, Andrew along with Bunny Wailer the foundation and still survivor of The Original Wailers.

The Wailers were recruited in 1962 consistent of Robert Nesta Marley, Junior Alexander Braithwaite, Winston Hubert McIntosh, Beverly Kelso, Neville ORiley Livingston, Cherry Smith-Grant & Constantine Walker.

1963 welcomed the Wailers to Jamaica’s music industry of talents, recording their very first single and number one chart buster Simmer Down.  The Wailers went on to record several other landmark hits i.e. Hurts To Be Alone and Lonesome Feeling etc. and after scaling down to the trinity in Robert, Peter and Bunny went on to pursue solo careers as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer respectively.  After pioneering Reggae Music to international acceptance and acclaim with the Catch A Fire and Burnin albums and in later years of their solo careers inherited Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of The Wailers fame and legend reflecting on their musical journey with Studio One, Beverly’s and their very own Wail N Soul M/Tuff Gong label.

The logo of their early record label Wail N Soul M showed three hands holding each other's forearm to form a triangle. All for one, etc. Other than being sad and insulting to see Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer presented as merely Bob Marley's early-years backup singers it has also greatly assisted in the most abusive piracy of Jamaican music.  With claims of over 250 million copies sold worldwide the majority of this attributed to The Wailers pre-Island/1972 material has reaped minimum/negligible benefit to the group members but mostly enriched pirate record and publishing companies and tainting Universal Music Group in the process.  Reclaiming and owning ‘the environment’ of The Wailers and offering alternatives to the legions of consumers and fans will greatly assist the Jamaican music industry as it chokes off the parasitic international music industry that has been enriched by this illegal and immoral activity.