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Bunny Rugs feat. Samory I & Karbon - Run Away

02/06/2020 by Press Release

Bunny Rugs feat. Samory I & Karbon - Run Away

XTM.Nation presents Bunny Rugs feat. Samory I & Karbon - Run Away
Video World Premiere @ Reggaeville.com

Run Away is the latest release from XTM.Nation, and a reinterpretation of a Rasta spiritual originally recorded by the Negus Churchical Host, and then by Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus. It's a chant - the embodiment of word, sound and power, and not to be taken lightly. We're talking soul in its truest sense - a manifestation of black consciousness that demands authenticity, conveying a message that's resonated throughout the ages. 

Producer Kareem "Remus" Burrell, son of Jamaican producer Philip "Fatis" Burrell, grew up immersed in Rasta culture, and surrounded by many of the island's leading artists and musicians. Bunny Rugs, lead singer with Third World, was a family friend, and voiced this magnificent track for the young producer at XTM's studio in Stony Hill, where Kareem's father made his last recordings.

Rugs sadly passed away six years ago, but his spirit lives on in this uplifting reggae hymn. Third World are known for crossover hits like Now That We've Found Love, yet there was a more profound side to Rugs' character, as demonstrated on his occasional songs for Xterminator and XTM.Nation.    

I man is Rasta from head to toe and nobody love Emperor Haile Selassie I like me man, because look at what Rasta has brought to the table," he told Echoes' John Masouri. "It's changed the entire world in terms of how people look at themselves in a natural form. Certain reggae festivals might have a million visitors over a few days and half of them are white Rastafarians. That’s not an accident and anytime you see someone with dreadlocks, whether they’re Rasta or not, that came directly from Jamaica, regardless of wherever they found out about the culture in the first place. The Rastaman has changed the whole face of the globe, just like the music has. Everyday when I get up, I marvel at how powerful this little thing is because it started out as a hobby and look how powerful it has become! It’s helped to change governments and transform people’s thinking. It’s unfathomable my friend, I tell you...

The release date for Run Away is February 6th, which would have seen Bunny Rugs reach seventy-two. It's a birthday he shared with Bob Marley and in a very real sense, since the two were good friends and often spent it together, smoking high-grade and playing songs. This year "Juggles", as Bob called him - or rather that superb voice of his - will be celebrating alongside two Jamaican artists on the rise, and whose presence in the XTM.Nation camp guarantees there'll be plenty more musical fireworks to come. 

Everything Samory I sings in that distinctive, wavering voice is shot through with righteousness, and there’s so much soul in his delivery it hurts sometimes. No overnight sensation, he had to wait several years for his breakthrough. He then caused a sensation with his 2017 debut album Black Gold for Rory Stone Love, who described his songs as “looking at the world through a ghetto youth’s eyes.” Tracks like Rasta Nuh Gangsta and a cover of Syl Johnson's Is It Because I’m Black are among the highlights, and introduced him to reggae fans worldwide. 

For He Reigns followed a year later, for XTM.Nation, and offered further confirmation that Samory I is very much the real thing. Kareem's label had already served as the launch pad for Jesse Royal's success, and become renowned for the quality of its productions. His music, like that of his father's, is distinguished by conscious lyrics and strong, finely-crafted rhythms and arrangements, but then the musicians who play on Run Away are among Jamaica's most venerated. They include drummer Sly Dunbar and Donald "Danny Bassie" Dennis - the same rhythm section that played on many of Xterminator's biggest hits. Also keyboardist Stephen "Lenky" Marsden, creator of the Diwali Riddim, and guitarist Earl "Chinna" Smith, who's played with Marley, Tosh and many other reggae legends. 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised with a humble background in Broadleaf in the parish of Manchester, Karbon's love for reggae and dancehall has never wavered. Writing his first song as a teenager propelled him to start entering talent shows, musical competitions and performing at different dances gracing the stage with some of the greats like the late Vaughn Benjamin, Kabaka Pyramid, Horace Andy and many more.

Now based in Kencott, Kingston, progression naturally sparked the opportunity for Karbon to link up with Yaadcore and become a part of his label 12 Yaad Records. His first release with 12 Yaad Records was the single and official video Highgrade Maka, remixing Tekno’s hit song Pana. With great support worldwide and countless radio plays on Jamaica's air waves, 2020 promises to be a banner year for Karbon, as we get ready for more upcoming releases.