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Wards Honour Buju Banton For Father’s Day

06/19/2021 by Press Release

Wards Honour Buju Banton For Father’s Day

Residents at Mount Olivet Boys' Home, Manchester and Sunbeam Children’s Home, St. Catherine, two childcare facilities sponsored by iconic musician, Buju Banton, on Wednesday, June 16, lauded him for his investments and contributions. Since the Buju Banton Foundation’s establishment in 2019, Buju Banton has been providing essential educational and empowerment resources for at risk boys. 

In observance of Father’s Day (June 20), a few paid him a surprise visit, at Gargamel Music Inc. They came bearing gifts for their musical icon. Mount Olivet Boys’ Home presented a framed portrait of Buju Banton. Sunbeam Children’s Home bestowed two large pottery vases created by the boys. Eggs from the Layers Project that Buju Banton gifted the facility and large Julie mangoes from their farm.

Buju Banton
was overjoyed and amazed. He said “I am so humbled, surprised and happy for your heartfelt gesture. I have helped a lot of people. Sometimes we forget good deeds. But you boys remember me and have chosen to surprise and honor me for Father’s Day. Wow, I thank you all so very much, blessings!

A group of five participated in a game of football with the legendary musician and philanthropist. Buju Banton, Rosemary Duncan, director Buju Banton Foundation and the wards cut a large vanilla cake iced with the words “Big Thank You.”

The heads at both facilities thanked Buju Banton for his benevolence. Mr. Patrick Newman, Director at Mount Olivet Boys’ Home extolled, “Because of the goodness of the Buju Banton Foundation towards the Mount Olivet Boys' Home, providing endless resources-assorted new shoes (2-3 pairs for each resident); school stationery for all the wards; Collaborating with Kanye West and Audiomack for computers and chairs to facilitate online learning and musical equipment for the facility. Mount Olivet Boys’ Home is beyond thankful to you, the great Buju Banton and the Buju Banton Foundation. The boys drew you a portrait and signed it as a symbol of their love and appreciation. Happy Father’s Day!”

Mr. Desmond Whitely
, Administrator at Sunbeam Children’s Home, St. Catherine, commended him stating, “Buju Banton has single handedly done more for Sunbeam Children’s Home than any other individual. Investing three million dollars in the egg layers project for the facility. A project which is, thus far, highly successful. We do not have enough eggs to sell. It is a viable and sustainable venture. Yielding much needed funds and resources for the operation of Sunbeam Children’s Home. We thank you for empowerment workshops for wards and for partnering with Kanye West to gift laptops for each member of staff and resident at the home. Mark Myrie to say we are thankful is an understatement. We feel truly blessed that you chose Sunbeam Children’s Home. The boys love you so much. They speak about you all the time. They sing your songs daily. Tremendous thanks for your kindness, support and generosity.