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Update: Buju Banton Case - New Trial?


Update: Buju Banton Case - New Trial?

Gramps Morgan commented on the most recent Buju Banton court day [12/20/2012]:

"Great day at court yesterday for Buju Banton more news coming stay tuned to your local radio stations"

IN THE PRESS December 21st
Buju Banton Seeks New Drug Trial, Alleges Juror Misconduct
[Tampa Bay Online]

Grammy-winning reggae star Buju Banton came within two votes of acquittal during jury deliberations at his 2011 federal drug trial, his lawyers say.

But several days later, 12 federal jurors unanimously agreed to convict him.

Banton's attorneys asked a U.S. District Court judge at a hearing Thursday to grant Banton a new trial, arguing jurors may have been persuaded to convict Banton and switch their votes to "guilty" because of the alleged misconduct of one juror.[...]

Will Buju Get A New Trial? [Jamaica Observer]

Four witnesses yesterday testified in the evidentiary hearing of imprisoned Grammy-winning reggae artiste Buju Banton in Florida.
The hearing is to determine whether a reported admission by a female juror to a Florida-based media house that she violated federal regulations was a breach of Banton's rights.[…]

IN THE PRESS October 31st
Glimpse of hope for Buju? [Jamaica Observer]

► Buju Attorneys Cite Juror Misconduct In Request For New Trial [Tampa Bay Online]

 IN THE PRESS October 30th

Buju Sentencing Postponed [Jamaica Observer]

Buju Sentencing Postponed [Jamaica Gleaner]

Buju Banton’s Sentencing Postponed [Examiner]


On October 30th the official Buju Banton support twitter page FreeBujuNow published a message by Buju Banton:

To those who stood with me through these trying times, who prayed with me, who wrote letters and called on my behalf, my family and I thank you so much. It has certainly not been an easy road but I will never give up the fight until I am once again reunited with my people and my family.”

Buju continued, “Even then, that’s when the struggle begins, because I must continue fighting for those who I have met and seen their plight and how they are being ‘felonized’ by the government and disenfranchised and violated by the very laws that should be protecting their properties and persons…If you only knew, I pray that this great nation would regain consciousness and defend truth and rights like they should and stand united against a common enemy – injustice. Thanks again for your support.


Yours truly,


Mark Buju Banton Myrie


Below you can watch the Free Buju Banton press conference by the Buju Defense Team, which took place in Washington, DC 11/5/2012: