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New Buju Banton Single Featuring His Sons Markus & Jahazeil - False Pretense

03/29/2019 by Reggaeville

New Buju Banton Single Featuring His Sons Markus & Jahazeil - False Pretense

A new single by Buju Banton is out today: False Pretense feat. Markus & Jahazeil. Listen to the song below. It's labeled as the "first single from Buju Banton since his release...", but the press release doesn't give details, if Buju voiced his part recently.

Buju Banton and his Sons Markus Myrie and Jahaziel Myrie Team Up on New Single
Kingston, Jamaica - It’s a family affair for Buju Banton and his sons Markus Myrie and Jahazeil Myrie with the release of False Pretense single!

On the heels of Buju Banton making history with his Long Walk To Freedom concert, the GRAMMY winning artist and his sons are tackling social conscious issues aimed at Jamaica political atmosphere, a sentiment echoed by many countries worldwide.

Produced by Billboard charting producer Markus Myrie under his imprint label “Markus Records”, the track is the first single from Buju Banton since his release and the first single from Markus' forthcoming debut album slated to be released spring/summer 2019. The respective artists in their own rights each wrote their verse on False Pretense.

 “This song came about from a conversation, it created a vibe and the vibe created the music. False Pretense is about an ongoing “norm” for Jamaica’s political atmosphere that has over the years continued to spill over on the citizens of the country. The message that should be received is that as a country we need governance that the average person living here can feel. As a people we have been silent about a lot of mismanagement. It’s time we rid the “7 day talks” and start taking action as a people. They say we have democracy, but what we feel is dictatorship. Every party prioritizes their own benefits and not the people’s needs. In my opinion this song serves as a wake up call.“ explained Markus

Ghetto youth stay fit ..We nuh want dem treat and we nah get trick” sings Jahazeil Myrie, “Now you know why the youths dem affi act so terrible.. All inna jail house dem a feel it to..” chimes in Buju while Markus Myrie asks “Then tell me now how long we ago pardon dem? Listen me nuh parliament the youths, nuh respect the false pretense.

Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital and available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets on March, 29th, 2019, False Pretense is a raw, honest and candid conversation laid to an infectious beat that will resonate with music lovers worldwide.