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Buju Banton's Return - Long Walk To Freedom Tour 2019


Buju Banton's Return - Long Walk To Freedom Tour 2019

UPDATE: The mentioned concert in this article is now on April 21, 2019!

Today is April 23, 2018... 229 days until Buju Banton’s release from jail: December 8, 2018!

The anticipation and excitement for this day is growing steadily and turned into confusion four weeks ago, when it was falsely announced that Buju Banton’s first concert will take place in Trinidad.

Nevertheless the show in Trinidad on April 22, 2019 is confirmed and in the meantime another show has been announced to take place on March 30, 2019 in Nassau, Bahamas @ Nassau National Stadium: Buju Banton & Friends - Long Walk To Freedom Tour 2019

Buju Banton’s official publicist Ronnie Tomlinson (Destine Media PR) was recently interviewed by Double R for Whatz Up NY and she revealed some interesting insights:

Double R: „How is he [Buju Banton] doing right now?
Ronnie Tomlinson: „He is good, high spirits, anticipating his release.

Double R: „Is he recording while he is in jail?
Ronnie Tomlinson: „Unfortunately those luxuries he doesn’t have. But no, he is not. […] He is definitely in that creative spirit as well, but no recordings.

Double R: „When is the official release date?
Ronnie Tomlinson: „The official release date is 12/8/2018.

Double R: „Where is he heading after that?
Ronnie Tomlinson: „He is heading home, back to Jamaica!"

About the Trinidad concert confusion Tomlinson explained:
There is a confirmed show for Trinidad April 22nd, 2019. […] It’s NOT the first show, but it’s definitely a confirmed show. There is actually another show prior to that, that actually gonna be in Bahamas. I think thats in March. There is quite a few… a lot, a lot! And as you can imagine the promoters are reaching out, contacting, wanting to have that opportunity to have Buju in their country. At the moment because of foreign events, we can’t say where is the first show, but we can definitely say - Jamaica, we good. He is coming there!

Watch the full interview with Ronnie Tomlinson below: