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Buju Banton Launches Crypto RudeBoy Club

12/21/2021 by Press Release

Buju Banton Launches Crypto RudeBoy Club

Buju Banton has entered the world of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) and launches his own NFT project called Crypto RudeBoy. See below the official press release for all details and watch the two videos of Buju Banton explaining it all. 

Buju Banton Explains New Opportunity to Become Rulers of Our Own Destiny via CryptoRudeboy
The Rudeboy Style Takes Over Blockchain and the Metaverse

A cultured Rastaman from Jamaica, the original of the originals... from the days of Raigin. Crypto RudeBoy makes a fashion statement without even trying, dressed in an attire readily identifiable with the Jamaican culture, which is emulated by other cultures around the world.

Now the style and culture will take over the blockchain and the Metaverse. We present to you Crypto RudeBoy! There will be 4000 NFT's minted in the Crypto RudeBoy Club Collection. Every quarter of the year there will be 1000 RudeBoy NFT’s minted on OpenSea. Members will have unique access to vote on additional RudeBoy NFT’s being added to the collection in the future roadmap of the Crypto RudeBoy journey. Pure Love, I Man a Rasta!

Your RudeBoy doubles as your club membership card and grants access to members-only benefits. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Crypto RudeBoy Club Membership includes:

  • Access to private studio sessions to listen to new music releases by Buju Banton. (Live Stream)
  • Access to the Buju Banton Dancehall Sandbox game. (Metaverse Experience)
  • Access to an annual Buju Banton raffle for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Negril, Jamaica. (Real-World Experience)
  • Access to liquidity pools and earn rewards on the Ethereum blockchain using NUC Wallet (Crypto Reward Experience) + Much More…

Visit BUJUBANTON.com/NFT or linktr.ee/bujubanton for more details.