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Buju Banton Foundation & Audiomack Bring Music To Mount Olivet Boys’ Home

04/14/2021 by Press Release

Buju Banton Foundation & Audiomack Bring Music To Mount Olivet Boys’ Home

“When we are able to empower disenfranchised boys, who are so often left behind, it is truly a blessing. Thanks to Audiomack for partnering with the Buju Banton Foundation in gifting Mount Olivet Boys’ Home with musical instruments-5pc drum set, keyboard/key board stand, saxophone, guitar. Many of the  boys, at the facility, have big dreams of becoming great musicians. The Buju Banton Foundation is committed to providing resources and  skills to help bring  their dreams to successful fruition,”  said iconic reggae and dancehall artist Buju Banton.

On Tuesday, April 13, Patrick Newman, facility director at Mount Olivet Boys’ Home and four residents accepted the equipment, handed over by Buju Banton and Rosemary Duncan, director, at the Buju Banton Foundation.  

In pouring encomium on both organizations,  Mr. Newman cheerfully asserted, “Your donation of musical instruments, in collaboration with music streaming company, Audiomack, is an indication of your commitment to unearth the talents of the boys and provide an additional avenue for them to learn to play an instrument and to continue the strong tradition of Jamaica, producing great players of instruments. Furthermore, the Buju Banton Foundation is proof that each person can make their contribution to provide an invaluable service to all those who need a nurturing hand to blossom. For too long, we have been ambivalent in our approach to nurturing, protecting and directing our boys, by giving just lip service. The results are what we are reaping today; mayhem, destruction and heartlessness. However, the Buju Banton Foundation has gone above lip service and is providing hope to the hopeless and a sense of direction to the lost. Long may you continue this God blessed Foundation, which is surely needed to help give our boys who are seeking a second chance. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring; but I have a good feeling.

Rosemary Duncan
stated, “When Audiomack issued its US$5000 donation, to the Buju Banton Foundation, Jason Johnson, vice-president of marketing and brand strategy, emphasized ‘Audiomack is not only about moving music forward but focused on helping to move forward the lives of those who are underserved.’ I must highlight that the Buju Banton Foundation is honoured to partner with such like minded organizations to empower, educate and elevate marginalized youths.”

Buju Banton, established the foundation in January 2019. To serve at risk boys. He reiterated its mission “I know what it is for a child to go without basic necessities. I also know what it is to be a youth with big dreams and lots of determination. Unfortunately,  daunted and unable to achieve your destiny, due to lack of a helping hand. It is not an easy road, my children. However, Jah has blessed me. I have made it my mission, through the Buju Banton Foundation, to help, by giving light to youth living in the darkness of poverty. Thus ensuring they too have equal opportunities to succeed.” 

The legendary musician has been mobilizing famous friends to join in his mission to assist the youths. Audiomack and Kanye West are among those who have heeded his call.

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