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Buju Banton Enlists Kanye West and Friends To Help At Risk Boys

11/09/2020 by Press Release

Buju Banton Enlists Kanye West and Friends To Help At Risk Boys

In 2019 Buju Banton was awarded the Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award by the International Reggae And World Music Awards (IRAWMA) for his notable charitable works, through the Buju Banton Foundation. An organization whose mission is to improve the lives of at risk boys in Jamaica. In 2020, Buju Banton has been investing more resources and increasing efforts in giving back and helping to better the lives of marginalised boys. By working closely with administrators at Sunbeam Children’s Home, Mount Olivet Boys Home and Denham Town High School. He launched the Murdine Clarke Scholarship [IN THE NEWS]; gifted assorted footwear, food and funds; including, his three million dollar cash prize win at the Song Festival Competition, to Sunbeam Children’s Home; for construction of a chicken layers business. A poultry and  egg production venture, that upon completion, should provide a sustainable income stream for the childcare facility and employable skills for wards. The layers project will provide training in sound work ethics for all fifty boys. Additionally, it will serve as a temporary means of voluntary employment for those unable to attend school, for any period.

There are many youths who are in need of a helping hand. Together we can we can make their lives so much better. I love to see brothers and sisters looking out for one another. That’s the way it should be. Not contrary.” For this reason, Buju Banton has been encouraging and enlisting his famous friends to support the mission. Among them, superstar Kanye West who joined in to contribute fifty laptops, one for each boy at Sunbeam Children’s Home and ten desktop computers and chairs for Mount Olivet Boys Home

The administrators at both childcare facilities voiced deep gratitude to both musicians. Mr. Desmond Whitely of Sunbeam Boy’s Home, stated “Mr. Myrie (Buju), we are grateful for your commitment to supporting Sunbeam boys, through your Foundation and as a result you have motived others such as Mr. Kanye West to partner with you in impacting these young men, especially in their educational development. You may never know the names of the boys you are helping, but their future will be much better because of you. Our boys are proud of you both; they are inspired by your gift and have committed to caring these computers while using them to improving themselves so they can advance the welfare of Jamaica and the whole human race.” 

In accepting the resources, Mr. Patrick Newman of Mount Olivet Boys Home stated “Mr. Myrie, your commitment to get your partners involved and share with the boys has not gone un-noticed and we want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your acts of kindness. It is a well known fact that children are predominantly the most voiceless, powerless and vulnerable in our society, however; we want you to know how much we appreciate your devotion to the Mount Olivet Boys Home, which remains as a beacon of hope for these boys in state care. The quality of your response to the vulnerable is a critical aspect of God’s love and conviction to mankind, as each person shares equal status in His Kingdom and your action has embodied the sincerity of that Love.We cannot over emphasize our gratitude to the Buju Banton Foundation for this donation as these computers will significantly improve the boys’ access to online learning from their respective schools. On behalf of the Board, staff and boys of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home we again express our sincere thanks to you and Mr. Kanye West for your support as we work together in making a difference in the development of our boys here at the Home.